William Morris Forest Bathing


    “Slow down, slow way down, even stop.” Inspired by the Japanese concept of forest bathing, known as shinrin-yoku, this collection is designed to help you take a breath.

    Forest bathing is the Japanese practice of walking through woodlands in a slow and thoughtful way to help de-stress and relax. Now you can experience the benefits of forest bathing in our new fragrance. 

    Harnessing the power of trees, aromatic extracts of cypress, pine, oakmoss and juniper are infused with 100% natural phytoncides, compounds emitted from trees. Our Forest Bathing fragrance is scientifically proven to lift mood, reduce stress and boost energy, mirroring the benefits of forest bathing.

    William Morris At Home brings you the feel-good qualities of forest bathing with a multi-use Body & Space Mist, luxurious aromatic Bath Foam, rich indulgent Body Cream, gentle Hand & Body Wash.

    Take A Breath Set with bespoke, Morris print mug, velvet lavender eye mask and Body & Space Mist provides tools for a relaxing, forest bathing inspired ritual.  For your self-care beauty essentials, vegan leather Wash Bags feature iconic prints from the William Morris Gallery archives.