Stimulate the senses with artistic scented soap flowers, fizzing bath bombs, relaxing bath salts and a fabulous selection of beauty gift sets, all is ready for your ultimate home spa with Heathcote & Ivory.

    Crafted with care, discover gentle formulations blended with plant extracts and essential oils, mineral rich salts and skin loving blends to care for your skin whilst bathing. Scented with beautiful fragrances blended by our perfumers to help soothe and uplift whilst you relax.

    Add delight and romance with fragrant bathing flowers, a Heathcote & Ivory speciality and a brilliant and unique flower gift for a loved one. As the name suggests, soap flowers are delicate and colourful soap blooms made from individual soap petals infused with fragrance. Pick off a few petals from a soap flower and scatter into the bath. As the petals melt their fragrance is released.

    Beautifully scented relaxing bath salts add fragrance and softness. Our mineral bath salts are blended with essential oils such as eucalyptus, sage and rosemary. We use Himalayan bath salts prized for centuries for their high mineral content and sense of luxury, in our RHS Home Grown collection. Find real rose buds and petals in our @MooMooi bath salts, which come with two bath tea bags ready to catch the petals as the salts melt.

    Discover bath bombs with a difference in fun and dinky, fizzing pops of fragrance. Infused with uplifting floral fragrances these little bombs of concentrated bath salts are guaranteed to make your regular bath sensational, every time. Enjoy mini fizzing bath bomb balls, bath bomb cubes wrapped in bars like chocolate, or super-sized bath bomb cakes – indulgence without the calories.

    Our shower gels are gentle and kind to the skin blended with ingredients such as moisture-loving glycerin, softening argan oil and evening primrose oil. We use essential oils like relaxing lavender or uplifting rosemary in some of our formulations. Choose from different fragrances to enhance your mood, from soothing and uplifting citrus-and-woods in By The Sea to energising with a fruity-floral @MooiMooi fragrance cocktail.

    And before we forget… bath and shower time wouldn’t be the same without a cute and pretty shower cap to keep your hair dry and immaculate whilst you lather up. Our shower caps are super-cute and stylish, carefully packaged and ready to post as a fun gift for friends and loved ones.

    We have all you need for helping make your self-care down-time as pampering as a spa, in the comfort of your own bathroom.