Hand Lotions & Salves


    In our world, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all hand moisturiser. What if your hands are feeling only a little bit dry, and all you need is a little light something, like a lotion perhaps? Or, what if you’re working your hands extra hard in the garden and need something that feels more intensive than your everyday hand cream, more like a salve? And, how about those pesky dry skin patches which rear their heads every now and again and require a dab of balm?

    We hear you. So, with your hands front of mind we have a curated selection of lotions, salves and balms, each with a slightly different consistency and concentration of ingredients, designed to care for your hands depending on your needs. Here’s a closer look.

    Light and silky lotions

    If you want something that feels lighter than a rich hand cream, our scented hand lotions are ideal. An added benefit is that they double up as body lotions, too. Take our @MooMooi Hand & Body Lotion, with its fruity-fresh cocktail fragrance and light, silky blend with glycerin and shea butter. Slather onto hands and body and enjoy skin that feels soft and is delicately scented. We twin some of our hand lotions with corresponding scented hand wash in beautifully packaged sets that make gorgeous presents.

    Intense hand salves

    For those days when your hands are crying out for some intensive 'therapy' (so to speak) look to our intensive hand creams which provide instant salve thanks to their extra rich consistency and blend of skin-loving ingredients with things like shea butter, carrot seed oil, snow mushroom, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. Oh, and each are deliciously scented with fresh, botanical fragrances like Lemon Thyme & Dock Leaves, Sweet Pea & Honeysuckle or sweet rhubarb as if fresh from the vegetable patch, leaving your hands delicately scented. Pure feel-good factor for both your hands and your wellbeing.

    Hand and all-purpose balms

    Every beauty and hand care kit needs an all-purpose balm ready to use on dry patches on hands, fingers, elbows and feet. The all-purpose balm in our RHS Home Grown collection is a handy, great looking tin of aromatic, essential oil rich, balm-y brilliance that you might want to check out. But if dear customers you’re looking for a balm for your lips, then may we invite you to head over to our Heathcote & Ivory lip balm collection for your perusal.