Bath Bombs

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    Want to liven up your bath? Add some magic to your ‘me time’ with a fizztastic bath bomb that will leave your skin feeling and smelling amazing.

    Simply break off a chunk of your chosen bath bomb and let the stresses and strains of the day melt away as you watch it dissolve and effervesce under running water.

    With brands such as Sara Miller and Vintage & Co to choose from, you can rest assured that our bath additives have been formulated to leave your skin feeling soft and cared for.

    What’s more, with their playful designs, alluring aromas and moisturising ingredients, our relaxing bath bombs make fabulous gifts for anyone in need of a little pampering.

    A treat for your skin

    When it comes to enlivening your bathing experience, we know that substance is just as important as style. Our fizzers may come in fun colours, shapes and packages but there’s much more to them than their appearance. Each bath bomb is thoughtfully packed with ingredients that are gentle and kind to skin, such as glycerin, so you can indulge safe in the knowledge that your skin is being looked after.

    Dreamy scents

    Baths are mini transformations, and our scent-infused bath bombs will have you feeling like new, both inside and out. Let soothing scents such as white tea and eucalyptus relax your mind as you enjoy a warming soak or be refreshed by invigorating notes of ginger, apricot and ripe apples. All of our bath bombs contain tantalising fragrance blends that have been carefully created with relaxation and restoration in mind.

    Want to put the spark back into your bath time? Why not treat yourself to a bath bomb today?