Sunshine Served

Infused with sunshine and happy vibes

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    Sunshine Served is inspired by the idyllic and vibrant Cottagecore trend and the Japanese art of Kintsugi which celebrates the beauty of imperfections by mending broken ceramics with gold. The result is more beautiful and celebrates new beginnings.

    Picture a picnic in a flower-filled meadow, where blue and white china lovingly mended with fine gold lines catch the light to create something more unique, more beautiful
    and resilient.

    Discover a heady and refreshing fragrance, a feel-good blend of neroli, mandarin and lemon essential oils with burst of fresh lime, with white blossoms, precious woods, sweet amber and soft musk.

    Sunshine Served is infused with sunshine and happy vibes because sunshine really is our favourite colour.

    Sunshine Served is thoughtfully packaged using 100% post-consumer recycled PCR plastic bottles, 51% PCR tubes and fabric made from recycled plastic drinks bottles. Cruelty free and vegan friendly.