@MooMooi #SomeFlowerGirls

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    Introducing @MooMooi, a collection of cruelty free and vegan friendly bath, body and lifestyle products designed for everyone who loves to share with friends, have fun and put simply… loves life.

    We have created @MooMooi in collaboration with Meredith Wing, the inspirational New York artist and Internet sensation. Her chic #SomeFlowerGirls artworks combining fresh flowers, produce and other found objects, rapidly gained a loyal following on Instagram and are loved by many.

    Discover feel-good, vegan friendly formulations with kind-to-skin ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and oils of lemon and sweet almond. Experience light, luxurious textures that leave your skin feeling silky soft. Fabulous accessories including a cute shower cap and chic wash bags, too.

    Join the #SomeFlowerGirls with their signature @MooMooi fragrance: an uplifting cocktail of fresh white flowers, green leaves, zesty bergamot and a dash of cassis.

    @MooMooi #SomeFlowerGirls is a celebration of girlfriends, girl power and fun… because life shouldn’t be too serious. Why not check out @MooMooi to see more of the #SomeFlowerGirls fun. But first, if you are looking for the perfect birthday gift for a friend or a gift for yourself the @MooMooi beauty collection has plenty of fabulous ideas.