How to use a bath bomb

a cake shaped bath bomb effervescing in water

There’s nothing quite like taking a relaxing soak in the tub - especially when you throw a bath bomb into the mix. These little bath time treats can totally transform your pamper session, and aside from creating cool colours and patterns in the water, they are often formulated using skin-softening ingredients that leave your skin looking and feeling beyond amazing. Once they start to dissolve, bath bombs also release beautiful fragrances that can take you to new heights of calmness and tranquillity.

But how do you use a bath bomb exactly? Keep reading to learn how you can use one to enhance your tub experience, as well as tips on adding bath salts and how you can make using a bath bomb in the shower work for you.

How do you use a bath bomb?

So that you’re getting the best use out of your bath bomb, it’s worth knowing that you’re doing it just right. Check out these steps to perfect your next moment of ‘me time’.

Fill your tub

First up, fill your tub to draw the perfect bath. There’s no set water temperature for dissolving a bath bomb. However, that being said, it’s probably best that the water is warm to allow bath bombs including certain ingredients, such as cocoa butter, the chance to melt away properly so that you can enjoy the full fizzy experience.

Add your bath bomb

Once your tub is filled up, it’s now time for the main event. After you’ve removed and disposed of any packaging, simply take your bath bomb and add it to your bath. If you’ve got a single bath bomb, you can drop it in whole, or if you’re using a fizzer bar style bath bomb, you’ll need to break off a chunk before adding it to the water.

a hand holding a cake shaped bath bomb over a bathtub

Watch in awe

Once the bath bomb sinks beneath the water’s surface, it’ll start to effervesce right before your eyes. Watch in awe as it bubbles away, swirling and twirling in the tub, leaving behind a beautifully colourful trail of fantastic fizz. As it dissolves, your bath bomb will release its own alluring aroma, filling the whole bathroom with dreamy scents that’ll soon send you into a supreme state of relaxation.

Hop on in

Now that your bath bomb has helped set the scene for your bath, there’s only one thing left to do - hop on in. Let your stresses and strains float away as you soak in the tub and enjoy the colourful water and heavenly fragrances that surround you. Absolute bliss.

Can you use a bath bomb and salts together?

Like bath bombs, bath salts are a fantastic way to take your tub time to the next level. There are many different types of salts available, such as Himalayan pink salt and salts infused with essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine and lemongrass. When these salts are added to bath water, they offer a whole host of amazing benefits. They can help alleviate stress levels, relax the body’s muscles and even cleanse the skin.

When you draw yourself a bath, you can choose to use either a bath bomb or bath salts, but if you want to have the ultimate bath experience, you could even use them together. Combining the relaxing properties of a bath bomb with the invigorating qualities of bath salts is a great way to get the most of your time in the tub, leaving you smelling incredible, and most importantly of all, feeling totally zen.

a bath bomb and bowl of bath salts

If you want to use bath salts alongside your bath bomb, it’s a good idea to pour them under the running water as the tub fills up. This will help the salts dissolve quicker. You may also want to dip your hand in and use a gentle swirling motion to help spread the salts evenly throughout the water. Once the tub is filled up and your salts have been added, you can drop your bath bomb in too.

Can you use bath bombs in the shower?

If you don’t have a tub, or baths just aren’t your thing, but you still want to experience what a bath bomb has to offer, there’s no reason why you should miss out. While it’s not exactly the same as using one in the tub, it is possible to create your own moment of relaxation by using a bath bomb in the shower.

Simply place the bath bomb on the floor of the shower and allow it to dissolve under the running water. You’ll still be able to enjoy the fizz as it effervesces and inhale the tantalising blend of fragrances. You’ll even be able to watch the gorgeous colours as they swirl around your feet before draining away.

Alternatively, you could place the bath bomb in a mesh bag, such as one made from organza or cheesecloth material, and tie it to the shower head. Similarly to placing a bath bomb on the floor of the shower, the running water will dissolve it so that you can still experience fizz and sweet aroma as you lather, rinse, repeat using your usual shower gel or body wash.