How to Maximise the Power of Your Hand Cream

model applying hand cream

We thought a few ideas on how to help make your hand cream work harder might be useful, especially now with everyone's careful and diligent hand washing. Here are a selection. We hope they're helpful.

TIP #1 Apply Hand Cream to Almost-Dry Hands

After washing your hands pat dry with a clean hand towel or a paper towel (this will create less friction which can irritate dry skin). Then apply hand cream when skin is still a little damp (rather than bone dry) to help seal in the moisture. Try this with By The Sea Hand Cream, £12, with shea butter and vitamin E (and packaged in a 100% recyclable tube made form sustainably sourced sugarcane).

TIP #2 Manicurist Hand Mask Trick

Apply a generous layer then place hands in a small, plastic bag, or loosely wrap in cling film. Cover hands with a pair of gloves and relax for 10 to 15 minutes. The extra warmth created helps the softening ingredients work harder so your hands feel smoother. It's like a DIY manicurist hand mask. Try this with extra rich In The Garden Barrier Cream, £7, with shea butter and soothing calendula extract.

TIP #3 Night Work

At night, make like a professional hand model and apply a thick layer of hand cream to hands and wear cotton gloves, which you can find online. Try to keep them on all night if you can. In the morning, your hands will feel softer. Try this with RHS Lavender Garden Three Hand Creams, £9, enriched with Lavandula oil and shea butter.

TIP #4 Apply Under Cleaning or Gardening Gloves

Need we remind you how wear and tear from dusting, brushing, sweeping and gardening all exacerbate dry hands. Apply a thin layer of hand cream before donning your Marigolds or gardening gloves, and the heat will help boost its softening effects whilst you work. Try this with Morris & Co Pink Clay & Honeysuckle Gardening Gloves Kit, £25, adjustable gloves with full size shea, macadamia and jojoba enriched hand cream.

TIP #5 Remember Your Cuticles

Dot hand cream onto each cuticle then massage into the nail plate with your thumb. The combined action of circulation-boosting massage and emollient hand cream will help soften cuticles and keep nails healthy. Try this with #SomeFlowerGirls Hand Cream in Tin, £8, with shea butter, lemon and sweet almond oils.

The cover photo features our Vintage & Co. Braids & Blooms hand cream, with shea butter and vitamin E. Presented in a beautiful embossed tin. We're proud to say it 's also an award winner, winning Hero Product in the 2019 Wedding Ideas Beauty Awards.