6 water-saving bathroom hacks to help you use less water.

women in bath

With January in full swing, we’re feeling refreshed and ready for the new year. In the next 12 chapters, we are planning to live life to the fullest and the greenest by continuing to explore ways to be kinder to our skin, to our ourselves, and to the planet.

We know that water plays a vital role in our daily lives and beauty routines, but sometimes, we stop to think, am I using too much? How much is too much? More so than ever, the conversation around climate change, sustainability and our collective global impact has been escalating and so we thought, we’d kickstart the year with a feature on how you could introduce a few water-saving habits to your daily self-care rituals. They’re tried and tested by our very own team, and all we can say is, a little goes a long way.

1. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
Ever leave the tap on when brushing your teeth? Maybe, even take a little a meander around the bedroom while you’re at it? Don’t fret, you’re not the only one.

Let’s talk numbers. It is said that a running tap wastes around 6 litres of water per minute, so, when cleaning your teeth for just two minutes, you could be potentially wasting 12 litres of water. To break that down even further, that’s about 48 glasses of water. Whoah! So, instead of keeping the water running, you could simply fill up a mug and switch off the tap. This is just one mindful way to conserve water and live more sustainably.

2. Reduce the time you spend in the shower
It’s your favourite track playing on your phone, and you’re singing the shower down. Before you know it, you’ve spent 20 minutes in a blistering hot shower.
The average shower makes use of around 12 litres of water a minute according to the water efficiency expert - Waterwise. We regularly spend around 10 minutes in the shower, so that takes it up to over 120 litres of water used. Reducing this time by just a couple of minutes, can make the world of difference. If this all sounds too much, and that your little joy of daily showering could be yanked from beneath your feet, we’d recommend looking into installing a water-saving eco-showerhead. An aerated showerhead mixes air with water, so you get the same reviving experience but with the use of less water.

3. Switch to waterless bar soap
Switching to a classic bar soap instead of la iquid shower gel has wonderful water-free benefits and is an excellent environmentally-friendly way to cleanse. This comes down to the use of less plastic being used in the packaging, and less wastage from liquid soaps when we inevitably land up using more than may be needed.

Our By The Sea Soap On A Rope, recently recommended by the beauty editor of You magazine, the UK’s top-selling Sunday supplement, is an ideal choice for the shower and is an eco-friendly way to cleanse.

4. Opt for a reusable cotton pads to remove your make-up
Our sustainability savvy Graphic Design intern, Luisa Lacerda swears by reusable cotton makeup remover pads to cleanse. They’re perfect for using with no-rinse cleansers and micellar waters, they contribute zero wastage, and can be popped in the machine to clean. Simple and easy as that.

5. Consider switching to a body balm to moisturise
Balms, like body oils, are waterless and perfect for dry areas of skin through every season, especially in Winter. Check out our In The Garden All Purpose Balm for all the garden lovers.

6. Treat bath time as just that: a treat
It’s the best excuse to turn to a relaxing, decadent bath after a long day. The average bath is said to make use of around 80 litres of water. We’re not saying to cut them out altogether, but to treat them as the real treats they are, because we know how much they can add to our self-care routine.

Enhance your bath experience by adding some colourful, scented soap petals that melt into the bathwater releasing beautiful fragrances. Blended with glycerin our soap flowers also help soften the bath water leaving you with skin feeling soft, and smooth and delicately scented.

For more indulgent moisturising treats visit our Body Moisturisers page filled with nourishing beauty goodies for dry January and beyond!

Cheerio January blues x