Our top tips in making gift-buying easier this festive period

A happy family

Finding a gift is hard. This we know all too well. We spend hours trawling websites and marching the bustling high streets on a hunt for the perfect gift. We become all-consumed with finding that special someone the most extraordinary, touching and tear-jerking present of all time. Oh, the pressure! We get lost in our lists and lost in the details. We eventually find the gift, (whew!) and when we do, we sincerely hope that it’s the one. We pray that it’s the one! Then, we wrap it, tie it, and seal it with a kiss. And finally, we wait. We wait for that moment. We wait with bated breath as they peel open the ribbon, and tear off the wrapping paper piece by piece, to discover, what we desperately hope it will be- the unboxing of pure joy!

Gift-finding is not supposed to be this stressful. It’s supposed to be joyful, exciting and fun! We’ve decided that no longer should you battle through the gift-finding journey alone and so here we present to you a helping hand with our top tips that will see you through this festive season- and is bound to provide guaranteed smiles all round!

Tip 1: Think it, but don’t overthink it.

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Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but not so much so that it causes a bit of gift-giving anxiety. Gift-giving anxiety is a real thing and is a topic that has been discussed and examined for quite some time. Studies have shown that when we try to tailor a present so precisely and uniquely to an individual, the higher the chance the person will dislike it, in what has been labelled the 'Over-Individuation in Gift Giving'.

Moral of the story? We focus too much on tailoring our gift to suit the intended recipient’s unique personality and traits. In doing so, we forget the bigger picture. We forget about what they might actually want or need. We also concentrate on giving very unique gifts for every single person in our lives as we attempt to diversify our gift options. This can become timely and exhausting. The probability of the gifts being compared is unlikely so when you shop for a gift, there’s no harm in doubling up. Doubling up can spark double the amount of joy- we promise.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to ask.

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“Asking somebody what they want is seen as taboo. And that’s a shame. We would all be better off if we gave people what they want” – Jeff Galak

We wonder, why is it so taboo to buy someone what they want? It would certainly relieve ourselves of the gift-giving anxiety. Research points to the idea that people are a lot more appreciative of gifts that they have explicitly asked for, as opposed to the ones they haven’t.

Bringing that surprise element to gift-giving is important for some people, but sometimes the simpler and easier solution will be in fact purchasing a gift that we know is failsafe. At the end of the day, the “better gift will be the gift they actually want!” says Galak.


Tip 3: Look for ease.

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There are boundaries you can set in place that will provide you with clarity and ease. Start with creating a list of your most important people set to receive a gift this Christmas. You can then simply tick off one by one as you go along. Plus, setting yourself a budget that you cannot trickle over for any reason, is handy too. These limitations will help keep you focused and set your mind at ease.

Extra top tip*- You may want to set your eyes on finding pre-wrapped gifts that save you the hassle of cutting, sticking, wrapping and taping. Goodbye paper cuts!


Tip 4: Stay ahead of the game.

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If you can avoid it, avoid being on the lastminute.com list. We know, we’ve been there, and we’ve got a whole bunch of t-shirts to show for it. If you’re prepped and ready ahead of time, you’ll actually get to enjoy the festive season instead of fussing in the final hour. And if you get online or in-store early, you may get to enjoy some pre-season specials and deals. There is no time like the present so dedicate some evenings to accomplish and master that gift list of yours!
We’ll end off by saying just to enjoy the process of gift-finding. At the end of the day, no gift is a bad gift. Be kind to yourself and have fun. After all, tis’ the season of joy.

Still feeling stuck? Check out our gift-finder. Simply answer the gift-finder, find your perfect gift, and wallah- time to jump for joy. At Heathcote & Ivory, we’ve always got your back….and your perfect gift!