Entertaining in the garden and everything you’ll need…

Entertaining in the garden and everything you’ll need…

There’s only a few short weeks left of the Summer, and we plan to make the most of it. You know what that means? More time spent in the garden entertaining our nearest and dearest with a few of our favourite Heathcote and Ivory products.
Because we’re more than just a cosmetics and gifting brand, we’re a family brand, who know just what you need when it comes to bringing people together.

Let’s kick this off with making sure our garden is in tip top shape. Now, we’re not saying you need to become a master gardener overnight, but if there’s a weed that maybe needs a bit of tugging or the grass is looking thirsty, or if it’s simply that pot plant you’ve had in your reserved shopping cart for some time, now is the moment to click the go button. We only have a little bit of sunshine left to make a few quick and simple upgrades to relish in our outdoor space.

And, if you’re an avid gardener getting your hands dirty in the digging, pruning and planting, then we’ve got your covered with our In The Garden gloves that are both lightweight and protective. Get the whole family involved, and you’ve got yourself a super fun outdoor activity that brings with it authentic and quality time spent together.

In The Garden Gardener Glove Set

With your garden pruned and ready, you’ll want to make your guests feel comfortable in your home. This includes setting up a lovely little area of shade and providing an SPF sunscreen or umbrellas if needed. For evening garden parties, bring out the blankets or heating lamps- just in case. (You never know with England.)

Welcoming guests in the home is a first for most people after many months without social contact. We’re all for gathering and connecting in a safe and careful way. Have your guests wash their hands upon arrival with our In The Garden foaming hand wash. Our rich, instant foaming hand wash envelops your hands without the need to wet your hands first, making it quicker to rinse off than regular liquid hand wash, and in doing so, saves water. Other ways of staying safe include making use of our RHS Home Grown Moisturising Antibacterial Hand Gel that is a multitasking rinse-free hand gel with 70% alcohol, glycerin and aloe vera to leave hands clean, scented and feeling soft or our In The Garden moisturising hand sanitiser that is carefully formulated with an effective anti-microbial ingredient to kill 99.99% bacteria.

In The Garden Hand Spray

When it comes to the food and decor, a delicious spread against the outdoor backdrop is all you really need. Lay out a simple white tablecloth, with a colourful vase of flowers and that should be your table décor sorted. Now on to the display of the spread. We think it’s time to get creative with the snacks! Our In The Garden hand care and essentials tin comes filled with awesome goodies- an exfoliating hand wash and shea butter cream, but the best bit is that the tin can be re-used as a lunch or snack box. Presenting snacks in this beautifully packaged design that features hand painted illustrations created by a British artist will steal the show. It’s fun, original and innovative and is designed to help you and the environment! Great afternoon snack ideas to fill the tin include carrots and humus dip, celery sticks, vegetable crisps, homemade popcorn and nuts and dried fruit.

In The Garden Wellness Tin

With drinks next on the list, you can take inspiration from the season by serving drinks blended with seasonal fruit or summery lemonades. We’re thinking peach-and-mint frappes or aperol jasmine spritz to add a bit of freshness to the day. That’s the cue to bring out the music and the games for a fun-filled affair. Check out this article for some game ideas that will make you feel like a kid again. Party Garden Games and of course we have for the kids too. Garden Games. After lunch and snacks are served, end off the garden party with cake and tea served in our gorgeous, generously sized tea mug that is both dishwasher and microwave safe and decorated with handcrafted In The Garden illustrations.

In The Garden Hand Creams & Mug

Lastly, to add to the enjoyment of your garden party, send your guests home with a small going-home gift. We’ve got a whole bunch of gift ideas available on our website right here.

And that’s the tea! We hope that you find these little tips useful in planning your next garden party, the Heathcote and Ivory way.

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