5 Ideas For A More Soothing Bedtime

a butterfly sitting on a purple flower

Life is slowly showing signs of moving towards a new kind of normal.  With this come natural anxieties which may be affecting your sleep.  You may be worried for your children as schools plan to reopen years’ 1 and 6.  Shops are getting ready to welcome you in again, but will social distancing work?

Garden centres are back open, helping you find new plants for your gardens and window boxes.  And they are showing that yes, it can work.  But the anxieties continue.

Research tells us what we have known for generations: the power of a good night’s sleep for our health and wellbeing.  We wish we could wave the magic sleep wand.

Until the magic miracle is created, let us help you disconnect and wind down with five ideas for helping you create a more soothing bedtime experience (and we hope, bring a better night's sleep).

1) Wind down with an aromatic salts-infused bath.

The rosemary leaf, lavender and sage essential oils in our In The Garden bath salts combine with the warmth of a bath to leave you soothed and ready to flop. Especially good after a day in the garden. Skin feels lovely and soft, too. (Little bowl stylist’s own.)

2) Apply lavender-infused beauty creams to hands and body before bed.

The relaxing effects of lavender's aroma are well known. Here, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils add to its wonderful intensity. Apply the velvety cream to hands and arms then cup your palms gently over your nose and mouth and inhale the scent. Feel your shoulders drop and tensions lift.

3) Lightly spray bed linen with lavender pillow mist.

This RHS pillow spray is infused with lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus oils to clear and soothe your mind and help put you in the mood for peaceful sleep.

4) Fall asleep wearing a soft, real lavender eye mask.

The RHS Sleep Well Eye Mask is filled with lavender flowers, lined in luxurious velvet and has a soft, velvety band which feels comfortable to wear. A little luxury, helping shield eyes from early morning light.

5) Store night things in a drawer infused with lavender.

You could stitch your own lavender bag. But if your inner sewing bee is having a little rest, why not line the drawer with one of these, lavender and hops scented drawer liners. The gentle fragrance will add a soft, soothing aroma to your nighties and pyjamas.