Soap Bars

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    Simple pleasures are amongst the best things in life. If you’re a bar soap fan, then the delight of carefully unwrapping and then lathering up with the brand new, never-used-before soap might well be one of them. If you normally go for hand wash, then perhaps it’s time to give bar soap a whirl for a change? We have a fabulous selection to choose from.

    Fragrances for all tastes

    Soap is one of our passions at Heathcote & Ivory. We take great care in creating bar soaps that produce a soft and velvety lather whilst releasing a wonderful, fresh fragrance. Our soaps are scented with a variety of fragrances so you can always find one that suits your own tastes. Choose from fresh florals and exotic florals to uplifting citrus blends, from fruity fresh cocktail style scents to grounding and earthy woods and frankincense blends, we have a scented soap for you.

    Skin-kind ingredients

    We use ingredients including glycerin and shea butter so that our soaps leave your skin feeling clean, soft and comfortable without a dry feeling. Though (top tip) after washing, bathing or showering it’s always good to follow with a hand cream or body lotion to help lock moisture into your skin.

    Paper-wrapped with eye-catching designs

    Many of our soaps are carefully wrapped in paper decorated with a variety of designs. From elegant, eye-catching florals and botanical designs from our Heathcote & Ivory and RHS collections to heritage William Morris designs and exotic Sara Miller prints  there is something to suit every interior design taste.

    For little sisters and chic girlfriends, our @MooMooi glycerin soap is transparent, so the stylish #SomeFlowerGirls illustration inside the soap lasts and lasts. We also include soap bars in many of our self-care beauty sets adding an extra touch of luxury.