Nathalie Lete Myrtle Woods
Enticingly woody, aromatic and fresh fragrance
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    Vegan formulations contain extracts of cornflower, black truffle and reishi mushroom selected for their forest provenance.

    Did you know that the reishi mushroom is a staple in traditional Chinese medicine? Reishi, which translates to “spiritual potency” is known as the herb of immortality. The reishi mushroom is believed to reduce skin puffiness, wrinkles and free radical damage whilst also promoting cell regeneration.

    Blends also include forest-inspired oils like vetiver and cedarwood, cypress and eucalyptus.

    The Nathalie Lete signature Forest Folk fragrance is on a theme of orange blossom, with zesty bergamot and jasmine on a base of creamy sandalwood and elegant musk encapsulating the artist’s individuality and energy.

    Myrtle Woods has an enticingly woody, aromatic and fresh fragrance. Lush evergreen cypress notes wrapped with myrtle on a carpet of sandalwood, amber and musk.

    Forest Folk woodland inspired patterns with vintage florals and quirky folklore characters make perfect keepsakes and tokens of friendship. Come and step inside the magical world of artist, Nathalie Lete.