Cath Kidston Power to The Peaceful

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    Power to the Peaceful

    Discover a beauty and wellness collection infused with skin-loving ingredients and essential oils to balance and restore mood to celestial harmony.  Cath Kidston Power to the Peaceful is created for the free of spirit, who revel in a reality where the real and the ordinary blur with the stars and the dreamscapes. 

    Browse our celestial sleep hampers, mood-boosting rollerball fragrances, enriched wonder balms, hand creams with essential oils in aluminium tubes and more. Perfect beauty gifts for loved ones and for you.

    Elemental fragrances:

    Inspired by the four elements and their companion star signs, we’ve crafted fragrances to match their traits and cosmic needs:


    A grounding blend of lavender, sage and patchouli to help re-balance, restore and revive your inner calm.


    Blended with palo santo, sandalwood and frankincense to cleanse your space and breathe new life and fresh energy in.


    A blend of amber, floral musk and spice, for a warming fireside fragrance to give energy, uplift and ignite.


    With notes of geranium, ylang ylang and rose, for a flowing, luxurious scent to inspire moments of calm. 

    Aromatherapy inspired formulations:

    Power To The Peaceful brings you aromatherapy inspired, vegan formulations enriched with skin-loving ingredients like moisturising shea butter, emollient sweet almond oil and antioxidant grape seed oil blended with essential oils to balance and restore mood to celestial harmony.