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  • new-secret-paradise-by-heathcote-ivory

    Secret Paradise Collection

    Explore Dream Discover – the creative ethos behind the best selling range Enchanted Walk – is further explored with a deepening vision of discovery, where beneath a magical canopy, a colourful, ornate and opulent Secret Paradise is revealed…
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  • NEW Lily of the Valley by Heathcote & Ivory

    NEW Lily of the Valley by Heathcote & Ivory

    The scent of Lily of the Valley is one that captivates perfumers; its bell-shaped flower does not demand attention, but rather needs intimacy to perceive its delicate beauty. Inhale its elegant rich perfume
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  • Morris & Co. Golden Lily

    Morris & Co. Golden Lily

    Fresh citrus scents and the timeless, intricate floral pattern of ‘Golden Lily’ combine to create the Morris & Co. Golden Lily collection
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