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Harlequin Quintessence Drawer Liners x 5


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Design and scent merge together in decorative drawer liners printed with Quintessence pattern depicting oversized seed heads, artichokes, figs, pomegranates. Scented with fruity notes of ripe cassis, apricot and fresh bergamot. Sheet size 33.5 x 50cm.

Fragrance Notes: Cassis, Bergamot, Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose

Additional Info

Additional Info

5 x Drawer Liners

Size (cm): 33.5 x 50cm



1,3,4,6,7,8-hexahydro-4,6,6,7,8,8-hexamethylindeno[5,6-c] pyran. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. 3-(4-tert-Butylphenyl)-2-methylpropanal, (R)-p-Mentha-1,8-diene, 3-Methyl-4-(2,6,6-trimethylcyclohex-2-en-1-yl)but-3-en-2-one, alpha-Methyl-1,3-benzodioxole-5-propionaldehyde, 1-(2,3,8,8-Tetramethyl-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydronaphthalen-2-yl)ethanone, 4-(4-Hydroxy-4-methylpentyl)cyclohex-3-ene-1-carbaldehyde. May produce an allergic reaction.

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