From idea to final collection- the story behind it all

Wild Wonder & Joy Ultimate Relax Set
This festive season is set to be like no other. Some might say the most important one yet as we move ahead in our new normal.

We missed many birthdays and other significant life events over the past 2 years. This festive season we get to make up for it, our first real chance at coming together and celebrating moments of joy. Here at Heathcote and Ivory, we are on a pursuit to collect and spread joy- that very powerful momentary experience that makes us want to smile, cheer, laugh and jump up and down.

Joy to the world

What brings you joy? Is it the smell of fresh bread? When the morning sun beams on your face? Or is the feeling of sand between your toes? Maybe it’s that first embracing hug after so much time spent apart. Or maybe it’s not about the joy we personally experience, but the joy we give to others.

Our artistic vision for the Christmas Collection of 2021 was realised from the start- to celebrate the beauty of community and togetherness, alongside our uniqueness and individuality inspired by the rainbows hanging in home windows, clapping pans at 8pm and how destination isolation was a real thing (and so were quaran-tinis). It became evident that when everything is uncertain, everything that is important becomes clear.

And so, the limited edition Wild, Wonder and Joy collection was born- a wide array of thoughtful gifts that pay tribute to the journey we have walked, the stories we share, and the future steps we take as we look ahead in life.

They are a thoughtful representation of the love and joy we hope to collect, spark and spread this holiday season and beyond.

People enjoy themselves

When Zebra meets Giraffe 

The zebra and the giraffe, some of wildlife’s most loved, symbolise everything we wish for this year end, and going into 2022. Each zebra carries a unique stripe design that when herded together, blends perfectly to keep safe from the prowling lion. Safer together, yet beautiful in their own right, an apt reminder of the importance of community. The zebra is never tamed- a wild wonder indeed.

And as for our giraffe, she sparks joy. She is intuitive, graceful, and affectionate and looks ahead in life avoiding negativity.

Our beautifully decorated products embellished with wild animals hidden within, paisleys and botanicals, and hues of red, green and gold, brings thoughtful gifting from our hearts to your homes.

Tell me about the collection…

Our new Wild, Wonder and Joy collection offers a wide array of luxurious and vegan-friendly hand creams, beauty and wellness gift sets, sleep accessories, signature soap flowers, scented drawer liners, and beauty Christmas crackers that are sure to get the party started and for a fabulous winding down afterparty present- the perfect velvety hot water bottle!

Our shoppers are always at the centre of everything that we do, so when it came to designing the packaging for our 2021 line-up, we wanted to create gift sets that would make our shoppers’ lives easier. Pre-wrapped beauty gift sets now come complete with decorative belly bands with cut outs to make into gift tags, as well as pre-packaged ribbons and decorative embossed tins.

Our vegan-friendly formulations are blended with skin-loving ingredients including tulip flower extract, calming ylang ylang, eucalyptus, lavender and patchouli essential oils combined with shea butter, vitamin E and glycerin.

Calming scents of eucalyptus, lavender and patchouli essential oils, with notes of fresh green leaves, delicate lily of the valley and warm sandalwood bring a feeling of wellbeing to your self-care routine.

And to top it all off, our thoughtfully packaged products make use of post-consumer recycled plastic and FSC certified board. Sustainably sourced and packaged with love.

Live wild, always wonder, spark joy

At Heathcote and Ivory, our wish is to create beautiful unforgettable moments that bring people together. And finally, this Christmas, we get to do just that. We’re making up the moments of time lost and basking in the love and joy that is all around us. It is going to be a festive season to remember, and we’re going to make sure of it by living wild, always wondering and sparking joy. There is no time like the present.

Our Wild, Wonder and Joy collection is now available for purchase online.

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