Fitting the Gift to the Friend

giving a present to someone 

Buying presents for other people is always overwhelming. How do you get something they'll genuinely want, and not be generic? But don't worry - we've got you covered with a beautiful range of thoughtful presents for the trickiest people in your life, from stockings on Christmas morning, to things to bring for a New Years Eve party, to a little something to brighten up your Blue Monday.

The Overworked Friend. We've all got that friend who can't stop thinking about work looking at their phone, checking their emails and constantly at their boss or clients beck and call. This person needs to really take five and unplug. A combination of our Pinks and Pear Blossom Bathing Flowers 

The Less-Than-Pristine Flatmate. When flatmates are being more chaotic than usual, they occasionally need to take a hint but there's a nice way to do this and that's called Vintage & Co Patterns & Petals Scented Drawer Liners. Make their room smell sweet, without resorting to passive-aggressive notes.  

The Winter Sickie. Who doesn't get sniffly and dry-skinned over Winter? It's how we know we have a four-season climate. But chapped lips are no joke when you want to rock a bright, festive lip for party season. So open up one of our gorgeous Vintage & Co Lip Butter. For the perfect mistletoe kiss.  

The Escapist. It's dark, and gloomy, and come January we all want to be somewhere else. So for the escapist in your life, how about elevating them to a different world with a copy of Sally Rooney's Normal People and some By The Sea Shower Gel? That way, they can envision being on a summer holiday without having to use up all their annual leave in the first month of the year  

The Host. For every Christmas Day, New Years Eve or birthday party, there's a host running around, stressing themselves out and not getting to enjoy the occasion or have real one on one time with any of the guests. They deserve more than just a bottle of wine that you'll all drink during the course of the evening. So why not lavish them with a Morris & Co Pink Clay and Honeysuckle Hand Cream Collection. Let them focus on themselves when all the dust has settled and the guests have gone home.  

The Christmas Elf. This world is made up of two types of people: grinches, and full-on, tinsel-toting, festive-freak Christmas elves. If you know such a person, look no further and shower them with some of our Beauty products: from our classic Cath Kidston Magical Woodland Cosmetic Pouch, to our less traditional Sara Miller Tahiti Hand Cream Collection