If you opened your makeup bag right now, what state would you find it in? Even if all of the various products are organised neatly, have they been properly closed, or have they leaked or spilled a little? It is important that we keep our makeup bags clean, which means at the very least you should be replacing the contents of it on a semi-regular basis.

Simply stylish, new makeup bags from Heathcote and Ivory

Why should I replace my makeup bag?

Replacing your makeup bag can mean two things: the first is replacing the makeup that you are keeping in it, and the second is replacing the bag itself. You will need to replace your cosmetic products more often than you will need to replace the bag you carry them in. This is because they can start to ‘go off’ over time, and you will need to get rid of them to prevent a potential spread of germs. Of course, you will also need to replace some items as you run out.

It is also a good idea to replace the makeup bag itself from time to time, for the same reasons as you replace the makeup itself. There will also come a time when buying a new bag becomes more practical than cleaning it.

Replacing your makeup bag

Replacing the contents every so often is necessary, so if you are already restocking, why not consider treating yourself and buy a new bag to go along with your new makeup. At Heathcote and Ivory, we have a fantastic range of beautifully designed cosmetic cases, that will get you excited about your makeup collection.

For those who prefer to keep their makeup at home, a larger bag that can house more options is probably the best choice. The Kaffe Fassett On Point and Achillea Cosmetic Bags are colourful and vibrant options displaying floral patterns

Kaffe Fassett On Point and Achillea Cosmetic Bags

The On Point design features a colourful needlepoint finish, while the Achillea design features a number of different textile techniques. Both have plenty of storage space for all of your makeup and accessories, without taking up much space on your dresser.

A slightly smaller, but still spacious makeup bag is the Morris & Co.Strawberry Thief Cosmetic Bag. This is a practical and easy to clean design, and comes complete with a beautiful design that will look good wherever you keep it.

Morris & Co. Strawberry Thief Cosmetic Bag

These bags are also great for packing into your suitcase when travelling, so you won’t have to decide between several different shades of eyeshadow; you can just take all of them and keep your options open while on the road!

However, if you want a makeup bag that takes up less space, or if you simply want one that will fit in your handbag without any trouble, then there are smaller options available in our range.

The Kaffe Fassett On Point Make-up Bag is considerably smaller than its cosmetic bag cousin, but it’s great if you just want to carry a few items in your handbag with you on a daily basis. Alternatively it can be used as a complementary piece to the larger variant, so that you can separate items out and keep your makeup organised yet still stylish.


The Harlequin collection of makeup bags are more suited to being carried in a handbag than any of the others. The Harlequin Papilio and Savanna Cosmetic Bags both feature elegant animal designs, with the Papilio sporting brightly coloured butterflies and the Savanna featuring a printed elephant design.

The Papiliois taller, but not quite as long, whereas the Savanna makes up for the lack of height in length and overall volume. Both can fit a few items that you are likely to use on a regular basis, and are made from PU leather, making them easy to clean.

What should go in my new cosmetic bag?

What you keep in your makeup bag is very much dependent on how you plan to use it (to travel or not to travel), and which size you go for. If you just want a small bag that you can keep with you on a daily basis, then you are only going to want a few essentials.

If you are intending to either keep your makeup bag at home or to take makeup with you on holiday, then a more comprehensive set of cosmetics will be needed. We have put together a list of beauty essentials and additional handy extras that you may want to be stocking your bag with.

While it is not makeup, you will want to keep some cuticle care items in your bag, so that your nails are always looking sharp and professional. We have an extensive range of nail care products, including the Vintage & Co. Fabric & Flowers Emery Board Set, which is particularly good for keeping in a makeup bag due its small size.

Vintage & Co. Fabric & Flowers Emery Board Set x 3


This is an essential first step. You need to take proper care of your skin, so before you start applying makeup, you should always moisturise. Carrying a small tube of face moisturiser with you is a worthwhile decision, as with ever-changing British weather it’s smart to keep the skin exposed to the elements topped up and nourished whenever you can.

If you are keeping your makeup at home, then you’ll probably also have larger items like concealer and foundation to store away. If you are planning on carrying a small makeup bag around with you then it depends on your plans; if you will only want to touch up your makeup then you can afford to leave these products at home, but if you plan to apply all your makeup while you’re out then there will have to be space for these products.


 There are so many different tools required to apply makeup. Have you got everything you need? (Source: Pexels)


No makeup bag can function without the necessary tools. Having all the cosmetic products you want is great, but if you don’t have the equipment to apply it properly then it will just sit there collecting dust. Make sure you know what you will need so that you can be prepared at all times.

Regardless of whether you plan to use your makeup bag to store all your makeup or if you plan just to carry the essentials, there are two items that you should always have; ensure that you always have a few hair ties in your bag so when you apply your makeup you can keep your hair out of the way.

Harlequin Papilio Mirror                                        Harlequin Savanna Mirror

Secondly, it is always a good idea to keep a travel mirror on you, so that you can make sure you don’t make any mistakes while applying your makeup in transit. If you get the Harlequin Papilio or Savanna Cosmetic Bag, then we recommend also picking up a travel mirror in the matching style to get your new makeup bag off to the right start!


Another must-have, regardless of the intended use of your makeup bag, are makeup removal wipes. Having some travel wipes will allow you to easily remove makeup if you make any mistakes, or just take it off if you find yourself out and about and wanting to reveal your innate natural beauty.

It would also be a good idea to keep some products with you in order to clean your equipment, to prevent it from getting too grotty and prolonging its shelf life. This means that you won’t have to replace the contents of your makeup bag so often, and you’ll have a beautiful looking cosmetic bag for longer.


When it comes to makeup bags, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer a more refined and polished design for your makeup bag, or the more intricate designs from the Morris & Co. range, the start of the new year is a great time to be replacing your makeup bag with Heathcote and Ivory.