Wearing scent is one of life’s great pleasures and it’s been just so for generations. And how it’s applied has changed from generation to generation. You might remember how your beloved granny would dab her favourite fragrance behind her ears and on either wrist whilst at her dressing table. Or as a child, how your mum would spritz her neck with hers before an evening out.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy fragrance, from scented body creams to scented bath oils – even hair fragrance. Here are five different ways we thought you might like to try:

1) MIST THE AIR – then walk right through it (eyes closed) to get a light, all-over veil of scent without overdoing it. This tip works well with our floral fragrance eau de toilettes. Try our Neroli and Lime Leaves Eau de Toilette with fresh fragrance notes of jasmine, precious woods, sweet amber, rich musk and memories of sun filled days.

2) ROLL OVER PULSE POINTS. The scent is warmed by your skin, emitting a light, waft of fragrance. This is a nod to yesteryear, when elegant ladies dabbed their wrists with the glass stopper of a crystal scent bottle filled with pure perfume. Today’s roll on scent bottles allow you to carry your favourite with you without the risk of a spill. Ideal for travel, the gym bag or desk side drawer.

Our new rollerball perfume gels are just the thing - roll on any time, any place, wherever you are. There’s the additional benefit of their alcohol-free skin-kindly gel formulation which is enriched with vitamin E, known for its moisturising skin benefits.

3) SPRITZ INTO THE BATH. Add a couple of sprays (that’s all you need) over a hot bath and the steam lifts the scent to fill the air. Thoroughly indulgent and super relaxing. Follow with a spritz of your fragrance when dressed and ready to go.

4) TRY LAYERING. By applying one or two products scented with the same perfume, you help extend the aroma for longer. Fragrance buffs like the perfumer, Roja Dove are fans of the idea.
Try our Lavender Fields Body Lotion followed with a spritz of the Eau de Toilette to fully enjoy its warming, calming blend of lavender, violet, wild hops and amber.

Did you know that many of the leading French perfume houses have a perfumer dedicated to fine tuning the scent for their scented bath and body products? It’s because the fragrance formula requires retuning depending on what it’s used in. Sometimes a body product’s scent will be slightly different to the original fragrance, as the perfumer plays up some notes over others. So, there’s additional pleasure in experiencing a slightly different spin on the same theme.

5) SCENT A PIECE OF CLOTHING. If you like to keep scent away from your skin, try scenting your clothes. Avoid silk or cotton to avoid staining – wool is best. The simplest way is to spray a scarf. Apply the lightest spritz at a distance then wrap the soft scented scarf around you. If you can’t wear scent on your skin, this works a treat.

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