At Heathcote & Ivory we create fragrances that we feel will enhance your homes, bodies and lives; and we truly believe in the importance scent plays in our happiness. With such a variety of fragrances in our collections, we thought we'd have a look at the most popular types and their significance. So what do the fragrances we choose really say about us?


What do our Fragrances say about us? Fruity

Fruity and Berry fragrances contain spicy, fresh, and youthful scents that are versatile and may be enjoyed in all seasons, but are ideal during milder weather. Citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, and orange have a sharp, tangy aroma that are found to be naturally refreshing and uplifting.


What does it mean?

Fruity/Citrus/Berry fragrances are favoured by people that are lively and vivacious and enjoy fruity aromas because of the fresh, natural feelings they create. Citrus scents tend to appeal to a more physically active person who enjoys sports and gets fidgety when not achieving things - often these people are heavily respected by their peers.


What do our Fragrances say about us? Floral

Floral fragrances include jasmine, rose, white flowers, lavender, geranium and others. Floral fragrances are the most popular in the world and suit all age types. They have strong flowery overtones, as you'd expect! Floral fragrances can consist of a single note or a complex composition of several, usually referred to as a floral bouquet.


What does it mean?

Floral fragrances are feminine and romantic, so if you like them you're probably both romantic and feminine! The chances are you enjoy floral scents as they make you feel sexy, and you enjoy all other things flower related also. Light flowery scents are preferred by those who are delicate in their ways, soft spoken and shy, but also quite determined and firm when necessary.


What do our Fragrances say about us? Woody

Woody fragrances consist of amber, sandalwood, cedar wood, moss, agar wood, and feature hints of earthy tones such as tree bark or moss. They have a very sophisticated quality and are particularly suited for cooler evenings, with their rich, natural and fresh scent. Woody fragrances can be nutty and spicy and some blends have hints of cinnamon and even tobacco.

What does it mean?

Woody fragrances suit both men and women alike. These fragrances appeal to those that have deep and lusty personalities, and often conjure-up sensual and erotic emotions making them great for a romantic atmosphere.


What do our Fragrances say about us? Fresh

Fresh/Green fragrances provide light scents reminiscent of fresh spring-like growth. The predominant notes are pine, juniper, grass, leaves, and herbs. Generally speaking, Fresh/Green fragrances feature more neutral tones, making them ideal crowd pleasers for any time of the year and anywhere.


What does it mean?

If you like the green leaves or marine notes of Fresh/Green fragrances, the chances are you're a light-hearted and playful type of women or man. Those that like these scents tend to want to feel alive and grab life by the horns. Particularly suited to young, sporty outdoor bods, such as the brisk nature of these scents.


What do our Fragrances say about us? Spice

Rich, warm, spicy and sophisticated; Spice/Oriental fragrances are strong and full-bodied, and include ingredients such as spices, musk, sweet vanilla, and sumptuous flowers with edible notes. They create sensual, exotic, and warm impressions, ideal for corporate environments and special events. These fragrances are the heaviest fragrance category perfectly suiting both sultry evenings and cooler climates.

What does it mean?

If you like Spice/Oriental, you're a mysterious and intense individual, who wants to be remembered long after meeting someone for the first time. Spice/Oriental fragrances are mostly suited to a person keen on making a favourable impression on others, and who pays a great deal of attention to their appearance - and why not?

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