There's nothing like a long, hot bath to dissolve away the day's stresses, which is why we've put together this list of top relaxation techniques for the perfect bathing experience. From candle-lit bliss to the soothing fragrances of our Beau Jardin Lavender & Jasmine Bath Rock Melt, the options are as plentiful as they are alluring and are sure to improve your all-round sense of well-being...


Top Bath Relaxation Techniques - Morris CoHaving your relaxing bath by candle-light is an absolute must as far as we're concerned. Our favourite combination of scents comes from the Morris & Co. Soy Candle  - the cylindrical container ensures that you won't have to deal with any wax leaking out onto your bath's enamel or, even worse, into the bath itself. Mix with the floral, fruity fragrances and soft musky notes of the Enchanted Walk Bathing Melt Flowers.


We're not suggesting that everybody should go out and purchase a whale sounds CD or copy of 'ultimate panpipes collection', but something relaxing to listen to always goes a long way. Classical music is a guaranteed winner, as are some of the more refined radio stations here in the UK, but ultimately it's about what you find relaxing and stimulating. Calming sounds will help to loosen you up and allow the blossoming fragrances of our Vintage Rose Bath Melts to do their soothing work.

Pumice stones

Perhaps more a beauty tip than a relaxation technique, but helpful nonetheless: pumice stones are perfect for exfoliating on the soles of your feet. The mild abrasion of these volcanic rocks works away any calluses caused by the bump and grind of hectic lifestyles to revive feet. Pumice stones are widely available in the beauty sections of most high street stores.

A good book

The relaxing power of a good book should never be underestimated and couldn't find a better friend than a soothing bath. Whatever your particular taste in fiction, we'd suggest something that goes easy on the intellectual overtones and, instead, settles-in for an effortlessly absorbing tale. While you're being whisked off to a faraway land, you can find a perfect blend with the romantic floral scent of rose, jasmine & sandalwood extract in our Vintage Rose Hand & Bath Beauty Boxes, featuring Bath Salts, Hand & Nail Cream & Milled Paper-wrap Soap.

And a glass of wine

With music on and candles lit, feet pumiced, book read, and your body revived, it's time to relax with a glass of wine (preferably something with a light body but strong, fragrant notes). One thing's for sure: if all of our previous methods haven't fully relaxed you by this point, then a small glass of wine will make sure that any final trace of tension has been completely expunged.