It's that time of the year when everyone benefits from having a good spring clean. So here at Heathcote & Ivory we thought we'd ask around to find out the best ideas for cleaning the house. So dusters at the ready, here's our Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips:

1. Aim high first, when dusting

Whatever you do, don't vacuum the carpet or clean low areas first. You'll only knock dust and dirt on to them later, when cleaning high surfaces like the top of cupboards or work surfaces – there's nothing more frustrating!

2. Don't mop yourself into a corner

We've all done it – mopped the floor and then realised the only way to get out is to walk over the wet floor. Plan ahead, making sure that you mop your way towards the exit.
Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

3. Clear the way

When vacuum cleaning take time to move all the smaller items covering the floor (like laundry baskets, electrical cables, and even shoes) so you can commerce smoothly without holding the hoover in one hand, and the bin in the other.

4. Pump up the volume

There's no better time to let your hair down and belt out those classic tunes than when cleaning the house. Turn up the music and listen to your favourite tracks, and the cleaning will pass in no time.
Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips - Radio

5. Time for a refresh

Wash all those items that don't normally get done, like blankets, cushion covers, curtains and pillows to get rid of all that dust that gathers over the year.

6. Charity

Why keep hold of all those clothes you never wear? If you're not using them, why not free-up some space in your home by donating the clothes you don't need to a charity shop.

7. Get moving

Heavy items like cupboards, fridges and sideboards rarely get moved and cleaned behind, purely because of their size and inconvenience. Get someone to give you a hand to move those items and give the room a good clean.

8. Protect your hands

Invest in good rubber gloves to protect your skin and nails. These are invaluable when using cleaning products and chemicals around the home, that can damage and dry-out skin with prolonged contact.

9. Don't stand on things you shouldn't

If it moves (like a swivelling computer chair) or if it looks like it's about to buckle, don't chance it. Use a proper weight-bearing device like a stepladder to reach high areas, so you don't end up on the floor.

10. Old tricks

There are many old and new tricks to try when cleaning the home. Using brown sauce to remove mould on grout, white wine vinegar to clean lime scale, a dry cloth with no polish or cleaner for cleaning mirrors, and even crumpled newspaper for cleaning windows are just a few we've heard. Why not give them a go – you never know what's going to work.

If you've got any tips or tricks for cleaning the home, please share and comment!


Article updated: 28-04-15
Originally published: 21-04-11