Gardening is one of Britain's favourite pastimes. Many of us spend hours tending to our gardens, and love to see them full, colourful and tidy.

An RHS survey found that a huge 82% of people say gardening makes them feel happier, and on average, 57% of UK gardeners are female.

This post offers a collection of the best gardening gifts for her. From planters to homeware, we're here to help you find the perfect gift and brighten her day.

1. Planters & Hanging Baskets


Planters and hanging baskets are great gifts for gardeners, and you can choose from many styles and designs, to perfectly suit the recipient's personality.

Hanging baskets make for a garden statement and are a great gift. Best of all, gardeners can reap all the benefits of these beautiful flowers without having to do the hard work themselves!

Planters can be personalised with the recipient's name, birthday or anniversary. These add a personal touch and prove just how much you care about them.

You can either fill planters with their favourite plants or leave them bare.

Whatever you choose, be confident knowing that planters and hanging baskets are a perfect gift for gardeners!

Flower wall hanging

Source: Garry Knight

2. Grow Your Own


What could be a better gift for a gardener than a grow your own kit?

You could buy a selection of seed packets, or choose from an array of grow your own herb kits. These allow you to grow something fresh and tasty.

You can also purchase grow your own plant, fruit or vegetable kits.

Alternatively, for a more grown-up gift, there are a variety of grow your own sloe gin, wine or even prosecco kits on the market! These make for a fun and different gift that is sure to be a hit.

Sunflower seeds

Source: Torange

3. Homeware


Alternatively, you could purchase a garden-inspired homeware gift.

Choose from signs with catchy gardener slogans, cushions imprinted with garden pictures, flower-printed tea light holders or flower-pressed art, just to name a few!

For that extra touch, you can even make your own flower-pressing art to send as a gift.

A garden-inspired homeware gift is a perfect choice for the female gardener, and will inject their love of gardening into their home.

Flower and gardening quote frame

Source: ProFlowers

4. Garden Lighting


Garden lighting is a unique and thoughtful gift.

The addition of light can transform a garden, and make it a serene, peaceful place for a gardener to spend their evenings and fully admire all of their hard work!

Outdoor lanterns are the most popular garden lights, as you can choose from an array of colours and designs to perfectly suit the recipient's tastes. You can choose from handheld or wall mounted lanterns, and they come in a variety of sizes too.

Aside from lanterns, you can also choose outdoor fairy lights or lamps as a perfect gift to light up any garden.

Garden Candle Light

Source: Pixabay

5. Bird Houses & Baths


There are an array of bird houses and bird baths on the market that will make the perfect gift for gardeners.

Bird houses and baths are a vital part of bird welfare and make a beautiful addition to any garden. They're an unusual gift, but one that is both useful and thoughtful.

The benefits of bird houses include shelter and feeding, whilst bird baths provide a safe place for birds to drink.

So, for a fulfilling and unique gift, look no further than a birdhouse or bird bath.

Bird houses

Source: Janette Fuller

6. Pamper Kit


All the digging, planting and weeding involved in gardening can take its toll. It causes dry, dirty and flaky skin, and often leaves us feeling weary and achy.

Therefore, gardeners need to make an extra effort when it comes to restoring moisture into their skin, as well as relaxing any strained muscles.

A pamper kit is the ultimate gift for weary gardeners. Look for gardener's gift sets that contain products such as muscle soak, soap, hand cream and a nail brush, all expertly made with gardeners needs in mind.

What could be better than the gift of clean, moisturised skin?

Hands holding flowers

Source: Pixabay

7. Flowers


Just because gardeners enjoy spending their time planting and watering, this doesn't mean they won't appreciate a beautiful bunch of (already grown) flowers!

With a bunch of flowers, gardeners can bring the beauty of their garden into their homes, without having to do the hard work themselves. Opt for bright, colourful and plentiful bouquets to really make their day.

Who doesn't love receiving flowers after all?

Bunch of flowers

Source: Wikimedia Commons

8. Gardening Tools


Sure to be used everyday, gardening tools can make for a great gardening gift.

Usually, people don't spend much on their gardening tools, or replace them unless they're broken. Therefore, buying a gardening tool can be a useful gift that the recipient will immensely appreciate.

Decide between shears, trowels, forks or rakes. And they don't have to be dull either! There are a variety of coloured and patterned garden tools on the market.

pink leaf rake

Source: Wikimedia Commons

9. Garden Ornaments


Garden ornaments add individuality and personality to a garden, and as such, make the perfect gift for gardeners.

Garden gnomes are a fantastic gift, as you can pick one that best reflects the recipient and their personality. If gnomes aren't their thing, sundials, garden wall art, clocks and statues all make for fun and thoughtful gifts.

garden gnome

Source: Pixabay

10. Gardening Necessities


Every gardener needs their necessities to keep clean whilst they're gardening. They therefore make a great gift idea.

Gardening aprons make handy storage for gardening tools, kneeling pads help to cushion the knees and gardening gloves help to shield hands and nails from dirt.

For a useful gift that will be used day after day, these items are an ideal choice.

woman gardening

Source: Dawn Arlotta

All of the ideas we have listed are thoughtful, useful and ideal for any woman who loves to garden.

We hope we've inspired you to find the perfect gardening gift for her!