Festivals are great fun, but what spoils them for most, is the inability to wash, cook, get changed, eat, or sleep, without getting muddy, falling over or wet. But what if you could go to a festival and enjoy all the fun of the music, before returning to your tent and being able to relax in a manner to which you have become accustomed? From tents to glamping essentials, below are a few tips on how to convert your regular old festival camping, into full-on glamping.


Small, 2-man, 3-man, even 4 or 6-man tents are not what glamping is all about. So you can forget that flimsy pop-up you bought from the service station. Think glamping, think luxury. And what's luxury when you're camping? Space – the holy grail of the camping world. You need to think big. We're talking 9-, 10-, 12-man tents minimum. Bigger if you can find them. Portable homes, with guest rooms, and a welcome mat.
Glamping- A Festival Guide - Tents


Who needs sleeping bags when you've got a whole portable mansion at your disposal? Take a fancy pillow, and even your duvet. Don't be shy when glamping – the more people mock you, the more jealous they have become; and that's the goal. You just wait till bedtime, when they're trying to get comfy in their pop-up tent they bought from the service station. Beds too: ground mats are for the uncouth. Take a decent sized inflatable mattress and stretch out.
Glamping- A Festival Guide - Sleeping


Don't forget your ultimate glamping accessory! Our Vintage Rose and Vintage Mimosa & Pomegranate Gorgeous Hands Gift Sets are at a special festival price of £7.00 (regular price £10.00). They include a Vintage travel-sized hand wash and hand cream, plus 2 x emery boards – perfect for keeping hand gorgeous anywhere. AND it comes with your very own Vintage lunch box, just right for keeping your festival pack-up out of harm's way.
Glamping- A Festival Guide - Hands Gift Set


Camping sets of knifes and forks are a no-no. Bring proper cutlery that doesn't clip together, fold, and doesn't come in a small plastic sheath full of last year's beans. No silver though – it might get stolen by the guys in the pop-up tent. Take a folding picnic table with seats attached. And how about a few floral table clothes to really up the glam stakes? And cooking? A kettle and two separate hobs is a must. Pretend you're Keith Floyd in the hills of Tuscany. Finally, why not take one of our Vintage Girl on the Go Sets that includes 15 x Paper Soap Sheets that dissolve in your hands to keep them clean and hygienic.
Glamping- A Festival Guide - Dining


Practical, comfortable, outdoorsy clothing is to be left up a mountain. A true glamper worries not about water resistance, but all about style and glamour – even when the clouds turn dark. Fabulous wellies, dramatic hats, and spectacular shades are the order of the weekend. And don't forget your flowery hair band.
Glamping- A Festival Guide - Fashion


Find as many battery powered fairy lights as possible and proceed to cover all surface areas. Candles are very glamp, but need to be looked after and don't work that well in the rain. If you've got adequate space, a well controlled glamp fire is a must. You can sit around this when the guys in the pop-up tent are cold, and onlooking.


It's important to mark your territory when glamping. Don't worry about conserving space – that's for campers. Your concern is using as much of it as possible. Place tents in a circular set-up to create a sort of festival courtyard, much like you might find in a medieval encampment.


Some kind of canopy or gazebo provides an excellent centre-piece to your new glamping village (or 'Glamsville') and a place for glampers to gather and be civilised, even in the rain. It's a great place to sit after the music's finished, and you could even decorate with a few musical instruments (no musical ability required) to be played very late at night.


So how do you get all that stuff from your car to the campsite? If you're truly glamping, you should probably hire a removal company. But if you can't stretch to that, a wheelbarrow? :)
Glamping- A Festival Guide - Transport

Our Vintage Rose and Vintage Mimosa & Pomegranate Gorgeous Hands Gift Sets are at a special festival price of only £7.00, for a limited time only.