What's the best thing about Christmas? Heathcote & Ivory's festive Merry Berry Christmas gift range of course. What else? Food! And what better way to enjoy this time of the year than to bake a Christmas cake. We've found some of the best Christmas cake recipes available online, regardless of your tastes, skills and time frame. You'll find some recipes from some famous names, and some less well known (brandy) sources. So get your pinny out, and don't forget to ask to lick the spoon. Enjoy...

The Classic Christmas Cake – Deliaonline.com

She's the goddess of unpretentious home cooking, and one of the most reliable recipe creators the world of cookery books has seen. If you follow exactly what Delia Smith says, when Delia says it, you can't really go wrong (can you?).

As far as recipes go, this one genuinely is a classic (in print since 1978) and has quite a fan base. It's rich, dark, moist, and uses a good selection of currants, sultanas, and raisins (no, they're not all the same...) and incorporates the boozy 'feeding' of brandy technique. A true classic for the festive table.

The Best Christmas Cake Recipes - The Classic Christmas Cake

Traditional Christmas Cake - Waitrose.com

First published on Waitrose.com in October 1998, the ever dependable supermarket has really gone to town on this one, hence its solid search rankings over a decade online. It includes dried apricots, pineapple wedges and black treacle – dark, indulgent, and fit for the most discerning of festive cake consumer.

There's also a currency converter on the right of the page, and some handy cooks tips at the bottom of the page (remember to get your eggs and butter to room temperature before cooking!).

The Best Christmas Cake Recipes - Traditional Christmas Cake

Christmas Fruit and Spice Chocolate Drizzle Cake - Channel4.com

This alternative Christmas cake recipe from Master Chocolatier Paul A Young, is perfect for those of you out there that would rather stick clear of the traditional fruit cake.

You've still got all the fun of making a cake at Christmas and many of the same festive flavours such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and fruit, not to mention a good lashing of booze for the drizzle. It's also really easy to make and doesn't need to be matured for months on end.

The Best Christmas Cake Recipes - Christmas fruit and spice chocolate drizzle cake

Last Minute Christmas Cake – Good Food Channel (uktv.co.uk/food/)

This last minute recipe is from the queen of cakes herself, Jane Asher. Jane has her own party cake shop in Chelsea in the heart of London, and so knows a thing or two about creating a cake for an occasion.

Just the ticket for those not so well prepared, or just not willing to start making Christmas cakes several months before the big day. This cake's clever use of Guinness, whiskey, and brown sugar helps to conjure up the aged flavours of the more traditional matured cake, leaving your friends and family none the wiser.

The Best Christmas Cake Recipes - Last minute Christmas Cake