If you've been getting active this summer, you may have noticed that sport, whilst great for your health and well-being, can take its toll on your skin. Just because you're keeping fit however, doesn't mean you have to compromise the beauty of your skin.


The friction generated from sports involving the gripping of sports equipment, such as tennis and rowing, or even weights in the gym, can create dry skin and calluses, resulting in tired looking hands.

Hygiene: Keep hands clean from dirt or sporting aids such as chalk, ensuring to thoroughly wash after each sporting session. Use a hand wash that contains added pro-vitamin B5 for clean, soft hands such as the Lily of the Valley Cleansing Hand Wash.

Maintenance: Look after those hands and nails every day using the right tools to do so, such as clippers and emery boards, as you're more likely to experience damage to nails and cuticles during sporting activity. Check out our Sweet Pea & Honeysuckle Manicure Collection with Hand Cream, Cuticle Cream & Nail File which contains some very 'handy' items.

Hand cream: Use repeated applications of hand cream throughout the day to protect from the elements if possible, to keep hands soft and smooth. Try using small and easy to carry travel hand creams, such as the Vintage Rose Weekend Travel Kit - Bath & Shower Gel, Body Cream & Hand Cream & Soap – that are perfect for a sports bag.

vintage_rose_weekend_travel_kit Vintage Rose Weekend Travel Kit - Bath & Shower Gel, Body Cream & Hand Cream & Soap


Wearing tight-fitting trainers for hours on end, can cause calluses, blisters and even damage to your nails.

Protection: Tape or use plasters on known problem areas of your feet before you start exercising to avoid rubbing. If you normally develop a sore patch on your big toe, protecting that area with an extra layer will reduce the risk of developing those rather unsightly blisters.

Pumice stone: Remove hard skin and calluses with a pumice stone or foot file regularly. Wet your foot with warm water, scrape the callus with the pumice stone, gently so as not to tear or injure your skin.

Moisture: Don't forget that feet need moisture too! Use a high quality moisturiser, containing shea butter, vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5, such as our Sweetpea & Honeysuckle Nourishing Body Cream. A tip is to wear some socks after to avoid any slips!

Sweetpea & Honeysuckle Nourishing Body Cream Sweetpea & Honeysuckle Nourishing Body Cream


As well as the obvious aches and pains, your body takes a battering by both competitors and the elements.

Showering: Athletes shower more than most. Make sure to counteract all that washing which can remove essential oils from your skin, by using a high quality glycerin based shower gell to replace that lost moisture.

Exfoliate: Get rid of those spent cells that sit on top of your skin, particularly after hours of sporting activity, that can make skin look dull and lifeless. Exfoliate arms and legs, especially elbows and knees to reveal new skin cells that will give you a new, recovered glow.

Body lotion: It's essential to use a high quality body lotion to moisturise legs and arms after all that bathing. And it's a good idea to moisturise whilst your skin is still slightly damp - this can help seal in essential moisture needed after all that perspiration. Have a look at our full selection of body lotion online.

Aches and pains: And for those aching muscles? Rest, stretching, and a nice soak in the bath for aching arms and legs will all help your recovery. Try the Vintage Rose Bath Melts, infused with the floral scent of muguet, hyacinth and winter jasmine - the perfect treat after a hard day on the track.

Vintage Rose Bath Melts Vintage Rose Bath Melts

Article updated: 14/07/2015