So the tinsel's down and the new year has begun. And one thing is for certain, we've all eaten and drunk way too much, but no doubt enjoyed ourselves along the way. Partying however, can take its toll on the skin. And a little bit of T.L.C. after the party poppers have settled, can do wonders for your skin and well-being. Below you'll find a few New Year Detox for Skin tips from around the web to help start the recovery.

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And if you haven't already noticed, Cancer Research UK is currently running a campaign called 'Dryathlon' encouraging participants not to drink for the month of January. Yes you heard us, a whole month! Great for both your health and charity. If you've got a friend participating you can donate here.



Water is one of the most important tools for detoxifying anything, especially skin. comments that dehydration may be the number one cause of congested and lack luster skin. Water aids in eliminating waste and toxins by helping the body flush out the poisons that naturally build up over time, that can result in many health implications, including bad skin. To have glowing and healthy skin, it helps to drink ample water to keep well hydrated each day.


Soaking, rather than just washing under a shower is another way of pampering the skin and of drawing more toxins out. Soaking in a bath of hot water can help (according to Naturopath Dr. Hazel Parcells who lived to the age of 106!) draw toxins out of the body to the skin’s surface, which are then pulled from the skin as the water cools down. Having a bath is also a great way to relax in the new year.

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According to, over stimulated oil glands can cause greasy skin. Excessive oil production can be caused by many things (hormones, adrenal function, liver and digestive function for example), but diet can play a large role. By eating lighter, plant-based oils that flow freely through the glands (and so don't block them) and less congesting foods, you can help reduce oily skin.

Congesting foods: animal fats (especially red meats and pork), dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, butter), chocolate, sweets (anything with refined sugars, white flours and hidden fats).


Scrubbing your body exfoliates the skin to remove dead, dulling skin cells, boosts circulation, and pumps toxins from the body. Not too harsh though! Vigorous scrubbing of the skin using abrasive scrubbing pads can actually increase irritation. Use your bare hands to gently but thoroughly cleanse your skin, or a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

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Skin is sometimes known as the third kidney. comments that when you sweat, the water that leaves you can contain both fat-soluble toxins and heavy metals. Perspiration removes toxins through the pores of your skin, making it one of the most natural ways to assist your body's detoxification. So hit the saunas (or simply go for a run) and get sweating for 2013 to help your skin recover for all that Sherry!

Have a great 2013 from everybody at Heathcote & Ivory.