Heathcote & Ivory is proud to announce the final instalment of the “Explore, Dream, Discover” trilogy: Rainforest, the new range for Autumn/Winter 2015.

Rainforest Collection

NEW Rainforest Collection for 2015

"Citrus fruits of Orange and Pink Grapefruit, freshened with Green Tea, Black Pepper and Amber capture lingering scents of the exotic"

Celebrating colour and design from the carnival trends of 2015 and beyond, A Secret Paradise has now been discovered and the intrepid explorer journeys deeper into the heart of the enchanted island. A deep green canopy is revealed; tropical birds fill the air with song and the alluring scents of Tiare Flower, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang carry on the breeze. Explore, dream, discover Rainforest from Heathcote & Ivory.

Below are just a few highlights from the collection...

Explorer’s Journal with Cleansing Shower Cream 200ml, Hydrating Body Cream 150ml & Bathing Flowers 4 x 5g

Explorer’s Journal with Cleansing Shower Cream 200ml Hydrating Body Cream

“This journal belongs to…” A gift to personalise bursts with exuberant design, depicting the exotic world of the Rainforest. Full sized, deeply hydrating shea butter body cream, vitamin E enriched cleansing shower cream and four softening, romantic bathing flowers complete this opulent box set.

Mixed Hand Creams 3 x 30ml

Mixed Hand Creams 3 x 30ml

Enjoy imaginative decoration and delicately fragranced, hydrating formulations in the three explore dream discover travel-friendly hand cream collection.

Holiday Travel Treats Wash Bag with Cleansing Shower Cream, Hand Cream, Body Butter 3 x 50ml & Face Cloth

Holiday Travel Treats Wash Bag

Rainforest wash bag brimming with pampering; cleansing shower cream, body butter and hand cream each 50ml with a soft cotton face cloth provide the complete holiday travel treat.

Mixed Soap Collection with 2 Fragrances 3 x 80g

Mixed Soap Collection

Three hand-wrapped soaps, each expertly blended with essential oils, shea butter and glycerin, for a cleansing perfumed lather that leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. Two soaps share the delicate scents of violet, raspberry, citrus and lily of the valley, whilst the third has the indulgent scents of green tea and jasmine on a subtle base of amber.

The Rainforest collection is out now.