With the summer music festival season now well and truly underway, it can be both an exciting and daunting time for those first timers out there. More comfortable with a pedicure than a Portaloo? Fear not, we've got some great tips that will see you through till Monday.

1 ) Wet wipes

You already know about this one, and no doubt the sales of these little moist tissues soar during the festival season, but they're impossible to leave out. Why? Because without them you will be smelly.

Music Festival Guide Tips for Festival Survival - wet wipes

2 ) Extra phone battery

A great tip for those whose phone runs out of battery after the first day, and who don't want to queue for hours at a mobile phone tent. Buy an extra battery for your phone (type the model into Google), charge it before you go (quite important) and now you have enough battery power to last throughout the festival. Alternatively phone battery packs will also do the job.


3 ) Extra socks

You will need these.

4 ) Travel toiletries

Why lug around full-sized toiletries? A 500ml bottle of shampoo is surely not required, unless you wish to weight down your tent in a gale. Take only what you'll need and use. Travel toiletries weigh less, don't take up much room in your bag, and you don't have to compromise on quality either.

Vintage Rose Weekend Travel Kit Vintage Rose Weekend Travel Kit

5 ) Sensible food

It's easy to think you'll save money by taking all your own food, but how much money have you really saved if you don't fancy eating any of it? Tents are hot, even in the rain, and that fresh line caught mackerel that looks so tempting in the supermarket will probably be walking around the festival with you within half an hour. Even fruits like bananas soon go off and make everything smell of...banana. Choose sealed foods (like tins of soup) that don't require refrigeration, or robust fruits like apples that won't go mushy.

Music Festival Guide Tips for Festival Survival - tins

6 ) Cash

Taking plenty of cash with you means you won't have to queue at an ATM while the headline act is on, but, keep it on you and don't stuff it in your sleeping bag (everyone knows that old trick).

7 ) Wheelbarrow

Or something (like a trolley) that helps you carry 24 cans of lager, your tent, food, and clothes from the middle of a field to your camping area. This is one of the most testing times of any festival; it's all about endurance, sweating before you even start, and losing the circulation in your fingers. Once it's over, however, the fun tastes so much sweeter.


8 ) Pillows

Do you really need one? Only you know.

9 ) Tent flags

When you have to wade your way through a crowded field of tightly packed tents and guy-ropes with only your inebriated senses to guide you, having a marker to aim at is nearly essential. If you can't be bothered to make a flag yourself, camp near someone that has bothered.

Music Festival Guide Tips for Festival Survival - Flags

10 ) Pitch perfectly

When finding an appropriate place to pitch your tent, there are several things that need to be considered:

i) Am I near the toilets, and if they flood, will I be in the toilets?

ii) Am I on flat land/the bottom of a slope, and if it floods, will I be in deep water?

iii) If arriving late and space is limited, how much will I be annoying the campers around me when I try to squeeze my 4 man tent into a space fit for 1 man's anorak?

Top 10 Tips for Music Festival Survival - tents

Keep these things in mind, and you shouldn't do too badly.

Music Festival Guide Tips for Festival Survival Travel toiletries on Heathcote & Ivory - don't festival without them!

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Originally published: 27/06/14

Article updated: 05/06/15