We're just over half way through the summer, and some of you have no doubt booked some late summer holiday deals. And why not. But, it can sometimes be an anxious time if you've been indulging in one too many pina coladas at the start of the summer, especially if you're about to take to the beach. That's why we've come up with some helpful tips for last minute beach body beauty. So crack open the sun cream and body lotion, it's time to look fabulous and make the most of what's left of the summer.


Firstly – confidence. There's no point trying to achieve a beach body look without feeling comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable in what you're wearing, it will show.

Show a little more skin than usual, be happy with who you are and love your body. Looking at ease on the beach is half the battle, and that relaxed quality will radiate through, making your beach body look a hundred times better and sexier.

There will always be someone that looks slimmer/more tanned/better toned than you. Who cares? Focus on who you are and what's great about you.


It can help to pay a little attention to detail when it comes to skin. Brush, polish and exfoliate your body, until you're fully happy with it, and use a high quality body wash.

Apply body lotion before towelling off after a shower as the water left over will help the lotion absorb and increase the effectiveness of your moisturising. And, don't forget to use a quality product - natural shea butter and vitamin E are great ingredients for producing healthy looking skin that will look great on the beach. And if you need it, top up with a little fake tan to add a bit of colour to make you feel less self-conscious.

Also, drink plenty of water. This will not only make you feel more active and alert, but is great for your skin, helping it stay hydrated and healthy.

Mind, body, soul

Take care of your body in ways that make you feel healthier, stronger, and sexier. Regular exercise, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, yoga, massages or a weekly sporting activity like tennis with a friend, are all great ways of achieving this.

Gyms are good but only if you use them. Remember, you don't have to fork out a monthly fee for exercise. Running round the park, doing some home aerobics in front of the TV or even yoga using YouTube is all free, and are all great ways of getting your body buzzing with endorphins.

Most importantly, choose a healthy lifestyle that you also find fun. If you don't enjoy what you're doing  and it becomes a chore (if you don't like tennis, find a sport you do enjoy), you'll probably stop doing it.

Sun Care

There's no bigger no-no on the beach than bright red skin. And more importantly, sun burn is damaging. The sun is lovely, but can damage skin and cause early signs of ageing and wrinkles, if not protected against.

Always use a high factor sun cream for your face. SPF 30 or above is best to protect from the harmful rays. Avoid sitting in the sun between 12pm-3pm when it's at its hottest and make sure to re-apply sun cream every 30 minutes.

Make sure to apply plenty of body lotion after sun exposure too, as its nourishing action will help to replace the moisture lost in the heat, and if the worst does happen (you get burnt!) it will also help to heal burned and damaged skin cells.