The Heathcote & Ivory Blush Rose collection features products bursting with fragrance and colour. With everything from bathing flowers to cuticle cream, now you can imbue your pampering sessions with a touch of floral elegance.

What stands out about Blush Rose? Rosa Rugosa rose flower water flows throughout the range, adding delicate sweet notes to the various creams. For healing and protection, let chamomile and ginger essential oils caress your skin—ginger is known in aromatherapy as “the oil of empowerment”.

blush rose
Source: Pixabay

Nature’s bounty, when combined in different concentrations, can heal, repair and strengthen. With ingredients used regularly in herbal medicine, the Blush Rose collection boasts some serious holistic power. What’s more, the addition of vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) has some miraculous properties of its own.

Let’s kick things off with a fan favourite: our Blush Rose Bathing Flowers. Available in a palette of warm, earthy pinks, the colour matches the refined natural fragrances (Rose, Cassis, Cedarwood, Yuzu). Let these crafted soap petals infuse warm water with luxuriously scented oils for the ultimate hot spring/jungle escape.

If the bath isn’t enough of an escape for you, why not go further afield with our Blush Rose Travel Hand Care Set? Wherever your wanderlust takes you, let Heathcote & Ivory cushion your hands in fragrant oils. Shea butter works its magic while pro-vitamin B5 invigorates your fingertips.

blush rose collection

For a more immediate hit of indulgence look for our Blush Rose Eau de Toilette. With a heady blend of flowers, subtle fragrances balance to create a tantalising mist of scents. Apply lightly to skin to wear Blush Rose quality all day.

Heathcote & Ivory always try to stay one step ahead of curve, finding new ways to bring nature’s glory to consumers. With the Blush Rose collection, we think we’ve cracked it. Pick up one of our products today to let some flowery goodness into your life.