Whether it's the aroma of toast and bacon in the morning, the smell of freshly cut grass in the garden, or the whiff of someone you love's perfume, smells are an essential way of enjoying the world around us.

They're not all good – bins, pets and cigarettes for example, can create unwanted whiffs. Either way, the fragrances around us can have a huge impact on the quality of our daily life.

With this in mind, we shouldn't underestimate the importance of home fragrance or how much our sense of smell attributes to our happiness and well-being.

You can't always control the smells that are around you, but you can make an effort within your home to make it as pleasurable experience as possible.

With home fragrance products such as scented Padded Hangers, Drawer Liners and Aroma Diffusers, you can make the smells you don't like more tolerable, and even create a mini haven, allowing you to relax and unwind. Here's how:

Stimulate Memories

Fragrances can stimulate memories and emotions linked to those memories. This means we can tailor the fragrance of our home to suit our mood, helping to lift the way we feel and our day.

Relieve Stress

Perfect for relieving stress, fragrances can help relax the body and mind, making your home a calm, atmospheric place, by evoking natural scents that can create better living conditions for you and your family.

Add a Personal Touch

Home fragrance is as important as personal fragrance; as much as you would pick a scent that you are comfortable with and that matches who you are, the fragrances you choose for your living environment should reflect you and your home.

Get the Right Balance

It's important to make sure the aromas in our home do not clash – a roast dinner smells lovely, and so does a bouquet of flowers, but the two together? Make sure the aromas within your home complement each other to create the perfect combination.

Scented Padded Hangers, Drawer Liners, and Scented Sachets add luxury yet gentle fragrance to your room, drawers or cupboards to keep your clothes and home smelling fresh and vibrant.

Aroma Diffusers are a great way to layer fragrances throughout the home, that will provide a constant and delicate underlying scent that will last for a prolonged period of time.