Last week the H&I team had the opportunity to throw, catch, and spin their own drinks at the CCC Events Cocktail Club.

It was quite an evening; straight after work on Thursday 27th October, our keen wannabe bar keepers journeyed straight from the H&I headquarters to the Holiday Inn in Camden Lock, where members of different departments were split into three teams – to do battle!

Heathcote & Ivory Cocktail Anyone - The Teams Let battle commence

Each team had to create a cocktail to rival the competitors. The first round was a non-alcoholic cocktail (that no one can remember the name of...) and was judged on taste. The second round was to create a Little Baby Guinness (to celebrate Arthur’s Day) and was based on look. The third round was Cosmopolitan round, and was judged on both look and taste. At the end of the first three rounds, it was neck and neck, with each team taking a round each.

It all came down to the final round. Each team had to create a cocktail based on their newly found mixing skills, to knock the living shakers out of the other teams. And the winning cocktail, we can announce first here on the H&I blog, was "Minted". Minted is a mint flavoured drink presented in a Cosmopolitan glass, and was created for a target market of high earning 25+ women that want to have a good time on a night out. Hence the name.

Heathcote & Ivory Cocktail Anyone - Minted 'Minted' - The Winner!

Minted was indeed a very pleasant tipple, but based on the other drinks created throughout the night, the H&I team shouldn’t give up on their day jobs, and should definitely stick to just making fab toiletries. Here's what the willing participants had to say about their evening:

"I had a really fun time, it was very interesting to learn which spirits mixed well with all varieties of flavours" – Natalie, Product Development Assistant

"I really enjoyed the evening, and as soon as it became a competition, I knew I had to win...unfortunately I didn’t." - Anthony, Website Guy

"Really good fun, great to mix with the other departments at Heathcote & Ivory" – Julia, Junior Product Manager

The winning team received a bottle of champaign (and not one of their own cocktails). :)