Now it's 2018, we take a look back at the best selling brands, and their respective products, that Heathcote & Ivory customers fell in love with in 2017. Will your favourite be in the top picks? Take a look and find out here....

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash


2017 was a great year for Heathcote and Ivory, filled with fabulous product launches and beautiful brands.
Now the time has come for us to look back and celebrate the best selling brands that were an essential part of our success. Join us as we let you in on these celebrated brands and highlight some of their individual top products.

Cath Kidston, The Striking

Number one on our list is the classic Cath Kidston which is part of our Bespoke Brands collection. This thriving business opened its first physical store in 1993, selling only floral ironing board covers and rose printed wallpaper. The brand has come on a long way since then, opening stores all over the world, and currently sells a vast range of practical and kitsch accessories, clothing and homewares.


Their unique style blends together the old with the new, creating a vintage influence with a modern twist that focuses on brightening up their customers’ lives with their cute and colourful designs. What is most appealing about the brand is that it is quintessentially British, producing a traditional English country-home style that people crave worldwide.

Mandarin Blossom Everything Balm

Dried lips? Dried hands? Just dry skin in general?

This Cath Kidston Balm is a beautifully inventive product. As the title suggests, this multi-tasking balm can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Enhanced with nourishing beeswax, honey and evening primrose oil, your skin will feel soft and properly moisturised, leaving you with a glorious fragrance and glow.

The watercolour Blossom Birds print is beautifully designed and applied, and will be the perfect addition to any vanity dresser or handbag.

Guards Hand Cream


This compact and travel-friendly hand cream from Cath Kidston is a wonderfully British addition to your skincare collection, and I bet you can’t guess why.

The design here is distinctively British with a smart print of the nations world-famous Palace Guard.

The hand cream itself is crafted from White flowers, warming sandalwood and an intriguing touch of sweetness comes from the added dash of sweet caramel but is also spruced up with zesty fresh fruits. It’s a wonderful combination to leave your hands feeling soft, clean and moisturised throughout the day.

Apple Blossom & Elderflower Absolute Manicure Set


Here Cath Kidston offers a practical manicure set to keep your hands and nails their best. It also includes a useful nail file, which features a beautiful floral design.

The set includes a hand cream, a cuticle cream and a hand scrub: everything you need for the perfect manicure. Each cream is made with shea butter and glycerine to keep your hands feeling smooth and soft, leaving you with a mouth watering scent of apples, green leaves, apricots and notes of softwoods.

Morris & Co, The Historic

Another of our best selling brands in 2017 is the elegant and historic Morris & Co. The founder, William Morris, was a leading artist and designer in the late Victorian era. In 1861 he founded a decorating business with a group of friends that were providing beautiful, hand crafted products for the home. Soon after, the company became solely Morris & Co and their beautiful art and designs have become cherished around the world.

To this day, William & Co’s designs continue to be placed onto beautiful and timeless products that have become widely recognised. The uplifting designs let you own a piece of history, gaining insight into William Morris’s legacy for British art.

As part of our Bespoke Brands collection, the Morris & Co Body and Home Fragrance collection offer some of the most unique scents around. It is a blend fragranced with the rich earthy scents of various oils and succulent ingredients, each one melded together to create an exquisite scent.


Pure Morris Hand Cream Collection

This hand cream set from the Morris & Co collection consists of three individual creams. Each one has been enriched with kelp, silver birch and thistle extracts making each one a unique, intriguing blend.

The moisturising effect from these creams results in smooth, nourished skin due to its addition of cocoa butter, jojoba oil and macadamia oil.


Strawberry Thief Hand Cream


This hand cream has been subtly scented and enriched with vitamin E to keep your hands smooth and soft.

The packaging shows William Morris’ Strawberry Thief design, which he created in 1883. There is a wonderful story behind this artwork which inspired the design; as a child Morris would notice how birds stole strawberries from the kitchen garden, hence the name Strawberry Thief.

Love is Enough Hand Cream Collection


Included in this set are a collection of three hand creams that have been blended with vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter, lemon, aloe vera, jojoba oil and macadamia oil.

Each ingredient is essential in creating an easily absorbed moisturising solution that will keep your hands nourished and fragranced for a long time.


Vintage & Co, The Lavish

The next Heathcote and Ivory brand under our best selling brands of 2017 is Vintage & Co. As a part of the Heathcote and Ivory collection and established in 2000, we have taken great care of this collection by categorising it into three different sections: Fabrics & Flowers, Patterns & Petals and Braids & Blooms.

The presence of colour in this collection is easy on the eye, captivating and unique. Each product has been thoughtfully designed to produce delicate textures and patterns, creating a broad range of novelty items.

Patterns & Petals Soap Flowers


Submerge yourself in a relaxing bath and relax amongst a bouquet of flowers.

These artistically crafted soap flowers will add colour, elegance and style to your bathroom. The alluring smells are made up of delightful fragrant notes that include bergamont, pink pepper, narcissus, rose, vanilla, cedarwood and vetiver.

Once these flowers enter your home, experience a relaxing burst of colour to brighten any day.


Braids & Blooms Mini Hand Creams


This boxed set of three enriching hand creams are inspired by oriental ceramics and the fabrics found in the Far East.

Each one is a particular blend that includes the indulgent scents of wild roses, frankincense, violets and grape.

These are the perfect compact hand creams for soothing dry and tired hands this season.


Fabrics & Flowers Mini Hand Creams


These three hand creams are made with shea butter and vitamin E, making them an everyday hand cream staple for keeping your hands moisturised and feeling fresh.

Even though you are left with a light scent, many delightful fragrances have been mixed here that include hints of orange blossom, sweet birch, gardenia, jasmine, rose, lilac, coconut, peach, amber and vanilla.

The hand creams themselves are easily stored and perfect for your handbag.

Kaffe Fassett, The Vibrant

The final addition to this list of 2017’s best selling brands comes from our Bespoke Brands range. The Kaffe Fassett collection is stunning. His passion for colour, fascination with texture and his knowledge of flowers has assisted in producing a collection that now stands as one of the most popular brands for Heathcote & Ivory.

The vibrant designs on the products packaging is enough for it to stand out alone but hidden beneath the packaging is a range of bath and body care, home fragrance and cosmetics that have been created with only the finest ingredients. What also makes this brand stand out is how closely Heathcote and Ivory has worked with Fassett to capture some of his favourite floral scents. The result is a unique aroma that produces the same glorious reaction as his compelling designs.


On Point Cosmetic Bag


This beautiful cosmetic bag from the Kaffe Fassett collection has been inspired by Jacobean tapestry, bringing an unique perspective of history into your hands.

Kaffe Fassett’s floral design is bright, cheerful and colourful. His use of needlepoint design is finished with his geometric Ribbon Weave design at the base and at the top.


Achillea Revitalise Body Wash & Body Lotion


This body wash and lotion set is presented within an eye catching package in the style of Kaffe Fassett, who has used his love of floral designs and vibrant colours to create this stand out look.

The separate lotion and wash were designed by interpreting scents and nature’s science, blending together invigorating black pepper, rose and cornflour in the body wash and enriching cocoa butter, moringa and coconut oils that feature in the body lotion.


Achillea Hand & Lip Kit


An attractive addition to the Achillea collection here at Heathcote and Ivory, this set of hand and lip care products is a must for every handbag.

Coming in a handy tin designed with Fassett’s unique and jovial design, what’s hidden within is a pair of wonderful beauty products. The lip balm is fragranced with rosemary essential oils and is fused with beeswax to give you soft and enriched lips. The hand cream too is softening and leaves you with a memorable scent.


We hope you have enjoyed reading more about our top selling brands, and taking a look at some of their most popular products. We look forward to seeing what these brands, and what other fantastic brands from our range, will bring in 2018, so keep your eyes open and on the look for more handbag must-haves this year with Heathcote and Ivory.