But just because it's cold out there, doesn’t mean you can't get growing. Check out our tips below for gardening with your overcoat on. And because the weather's rough, doesn't mean your hands need to be. To get you in the gardening spirit, take a look at our wonderful English green-fingered Gardeners collection to nourish and protect dry hard-working hands.
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Gardening Tips for Cold Weather

Don't prune yet!

The dead parts of a plant can provide essential and natural shelter for the new shoots, so it's best to leave old leaves and dead stems until the cold snap has passed.

Take shelter

Make sure tender plants are in a sheltered spot, such as under a large tree or shrub which can provide protection from the frost and elements during the cold spell.


Sow seeds in pots on a sunny windowsill inside, ready for when the spring finally arrives. You can also use trays with clingfilm stretched over to trap the heat.

Gardening Tips for Cold Weather Feature - Seedlings

Extra protection

1) Fleece - throw a fleece over new shoots to shield them from the freezing winds and frost.

2) Sheeting - peg down plastic sheeting over bare soil to warm it ready for sowing and planting.

3) Mulch - Evergreen plants will benefit from a thick layer of mulch around their bases to keep the soil frost-free.

East isn't always best

Plants with tender flower buds should not be planted in east-facing sites during the cold as the rapid defrost provided by the early morning sun can increase the chances of damage.


Delicate plants can be grown in pots so that they can be moved inside or put undercover during bad weather.

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Article updated: 24-02-16
Originally published: 05-04-13