We thought we'd highlight some famous father and son teams to pay homage to great dads everywhere. Often the overlooked and unsung heroes of the family world, our famous fathers prove that dads are not just a taxi service, or just there to unblock the drains – they are there for the duration, come rain (to unblock the guttering) or shine (when the grass needs cutting). There's also a few Father's Day gift ideas along the way...

Timothy Spall & Rafe

Father's Day Famous Fathers and SonsNot everyone knows that Rafe Spall, the star of Channel 4 sitcom Pete Versus Life is actually the son of British acting legend Timothy Spall. Rafe has now followed in his father's footsteps by making the big jump to Hollywood and has recently starred in the new Ridley Scott film Prometheus. Father Timothy has been nominated for 2 BAFTA Film Awards, and with countless other award wins in his career, this truly is a great combo for the future of British cinema.

What should Rafe get for Timothy? Without doubt, the Men's Kick Start Kit with Shower Radio. Timothy would love a good sing in the shower, we're sure.

Prince Charles, William & Harry

Father's Day Famous Fathers and Sons
Not just the most famous faces of the British monarchy, let's not forget this royal trio have had to overcome great tragedy (with the loss of mother, Princess Diana) that will no doubt have strengthened that father and son bond beyond what most can imagine. All three appear to share a love of the great outdoors, which makes for great father/son holiday time, occasionally away from the camera.

What should the Princes get their dad? With all those royal duties to attend overseas, the Men's Global Traveller Bag is just the ticket for a royal jet-setter.

David Beckham, Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz

Father's Day Famous Fathers and Sons
Maybe one of the most prominent famous fathers of all, Becks has been one of the British public's favourite fathers in the spotlight, always appearing to take time to bring the kids in on the action and on the pitch (maybe getting them ready for the already impending spotlight). Let's be honest, England could do with another Beckham on the pitch, and oldest son Brooklyn is nearly old enough for a kick-around...

What should the boys get Becks? Comfortable with his Metrosexuality, David would no doubt enjoy the full Father's Day Gift Bundle for only £20.

Will Smith & Jaden

Father's Day Famous Fathers and Sons
Jaden Smith first came to light in The Pursuit of Happiness, where he starred in a memorable father and son combination on screen with dad Will, in the biographical drama based on homelessness in America. What a great way to kick-start your career in Hollywood, and spend a bit of quality time with dad to boot. Since then, Jaden's moved on without big Willie, making his own impact in the remake of the 80s classic The Karate Kid. What's next? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air we hope...:)

What should Jaden get dad Will? With 80s remakes in mind, we think Will would appreciate the retro Men's Lime & Basil Soap on a Rope.

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