The Easter holidays are upon us and stores are starting to fill up on chocolate eggs and candied bunny rabbits. But if you’re like us and you want a less calorie filled day, then we have the perfect distractions within crafting and some healthy recipes to give you a lighter time during your easter holiday.

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Gluten Free Hot Cross buns

These sweetly spiced buns are an Easter necessity that are traditionally eaten on Good Friday. They are typically made with wheat flour but If you are someone who is sensitive to gluten products, then we have chosen a great number of gluten free hot cross bun recipes to stop you from missing out on these delicious treats.

These recipes take the traditional hot cross bun and infuse a variety of exciting ingredients, such as original raisins that exude natural sugars, citrus fruit zests and crunchy apples. Each ingredient is a spring/summer favourite.

Image: Woman’s Health

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Easter Nails

Be ready for an Easter party and dinner with these fabulous decorative nails. They are intricate works of art for each of your nails. The Easter Nail Bunny Face is a highlight and the instructions come with step by step pictures for you to follow along. Another Easter animal is the chick who give your fingers a bright yellow splash. A selection of really light colours emphasises a nature of fun and modernity. This easy to do tutorial has great pastel colours featured in easter egg patterns and little carrots.

Image: Nonagaya, Nail Art For Beginners, Young Craze

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Easter Candles

Today we find candles at the centre of every celebration. They are usually placed as dining table centerpieces or used to decorate your home. What they also do is smell really nice. So why not use these simple recipes to create really great Easter decorations for your home or for the dinner table.

The DIY Colourful Egg Candles are a wonderful craft to make. These quirky eggs are bright, colourful and easy to do. By using eggshells as moulds to make the candles, be sure to use the eggs in a great Easter recipe. The Eggshell Votives also only need the eggshells to create them. The result is an elegant and pretty votive to create a calming atmosphere around your home. Decorate them further with beautiful egg cups as stands. But if you have enough candles already and simply want somewhere to place them then fall in love with the inventive Easter Candle Holders that are quirky and colourful.

Image: Martha Stewart, Hello Glow, The CSI Project

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Chocolates, Cookies & Cupcakes

Although we promised you healthier recipes, there’s always room for a sweet treat. But what if we told you these sweet treats below were made with coconut, carrots and strawberries with only a light slathering of chocolate? Well if this entices you to make some Easter Egg Chocolate Covered Strawberries, then start by melting your leftover white chocolate Easter eggs and be sure to use an oil or powdered base food colourant so that the chocolate doesn’t get destroyed.

Vegan and Gluten free Carrot Cake Cupcakes are sure to be a family favourite in your household and to top them off, add a healthy slathering of vanilla bean cream cheese frosting to experience ultimate delight.

The cutest entry by far in this section are the Coconut Cookie Chicks. Created to make you smile, these chicks are delicious but just don't look into their eyes as you take your first bite.

Image: Chocolate Covered Katie, Everyday Health, Joyful Healthy Eats

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Egg Planters

The Easter period is the perfect time to start gardening as the spring arrives and the sun is up there somewhere. These Egg Planters are an interesting and innovative way to grow plants. Easy to maintain and nice to look at, this recycled method of gardening is a great way to reuse eggshells and create something unique for your home. They are especially perfect for succulents and herbs.

Image: Better Homes & Gardens, Duitang, Sea Kettle

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Marble Egg Decorating Craft

Eggs play a fundamental part in Easter celebrations. They symbolise rebirth and new life, which makes them an appropriate of spring after winter.

When Easter comes around we all know it’s time for the chocolate eggs to play a prominent part of our diets. Children love them, and adults do too, but what would you say if you were presented with a colourfully decorated boiled egg. The designs below are too irresistible to not fall in love with.

Three different techniques will give you a glorious marble effect that will wow your friends and family. The Water Marble Easter Eggs are created with nail polish and gives off a clear pattern with smooth lines. The Shaving Cream Dyed Eggs are a lot of fun to make and the results create a fusion of colours. The Marble Boiled Eggs look almost too good to eat. A unique design is formed by cracking the eggs after boiling and placing them in dye. These are simple and effective ideas.

Image: Crafty Morning. Forkly

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Pom Pom Crafts

If you’re looking for something fun to do this Easter, then a great Easter activity to do with your family lie with the all time favourite pom pom. Everybody loves a pom pom because they’re soft, an integral craft component and can be made into almost anything such as a chick, bunny or easter egg.

The Curious Bunny Planters are funny, cute and great fun to make with the family. These are perfect to decorate indoor plants and certainly will be a conversation starter. Interestingly, the pots you put them in make for lovely placeholders for your Easter dinner celebrations.

Using some scissors, learn to trim a pom pom into a decorative Easter Egg Decoration. These pom pom eggs are a great way to create a long lasting egg decoration that is colourful and fun to make.

Our final cherished pom pom craft comes in the form of a Baby Chick. Requiring only basic skills, these pom pom crafts will only be the start of a pom pom crafting extravaganza. Want some snowmen for christmas?

Image: Practically Functional, Woman's Weekly, Fave Crafts

Whatever you do this Easter, be happy knowing that Heathcote & Ivory are here to keep you occupied with fun crafts, filled up on delicious recipes and always stocked up on the best beauty products.