You don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy Valentine's night. Staying in with your loved one can be just as rewarding as an expensive night on the town, and maybe even more romantic and personal. Below you'll find a few date ideas for Valentine's Day where you don't have to leave the house...

Wine tasting

Perfect for you wine lovers out there (anyone?)! And you don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy some of the finer flavours of life. Do a bit of preparation before hand and pick a selection of delicious yet varied wines from around the world to enjoy with your loved one. Here's a good article by The Independent's wine columnist Anthony Rose, 'The 50 Best Wines'. Don't forget the cheeseboard, and why not set the scene with the Mistletoe Kisses Heart Candles (above) to create the perfect atmosphere?


Games night

Now this might sound a little bit silly, but everyone loves a game and they're a great way of challenging each other in a competitive yet fun environment. The classics are Monopoly and Cluedo, but you don't have to stick to boards. Charades, Truth or Dear or even, yes even Karaoke can be a laugh between couples, not to mention a great way of losing your inhibitions around each other.
Date Ideas for Valentine's Staying In - Board games

Dance night

Dance! Clear the chairs out of the way and learn some new moves with your partner. There's loads of tutorials on the web for learning some new steps so why not get YouTube loaded up, or it might be that you already know some moves that your partner doesn't, so show each other the way. If you fancy some further help, why not try the Strictly Dance School DVD?

Date Ideas for Valentine's Staying In - Dance School


Take a bath

Why not up the intimacy levels a notch, and enjoy each other's company in the bath. You could enjoy a glass of wine or champagne together, or even some nibbles (if you can keep them dry!). Try reading to each other, a passage from your favourite book or even your favourite poem. And don't forget to spice up your bath with some Mistletoe Kisses Bath Fizzers that will fill the room with the nostalgic scent of vintage Parisian glamour!

Date Ideas for Valentine's Staying In - Bath Fizzers


TV/Movie night

It's an underrated activity between couples, sitting down together on the couch and sharing your favourite films and TV can be a great way of getting to know or reacquainting yourself with your partner's tastes and what gets them excited on the box. Check out our 10 Romantic Films for Valentine's Day article for some movie ideas, then take it in turns to pick a flick.

Date Ideas for Valentine's Staying In - Romantic films article



Baking is one of the rare cooking methods that lends itself to a little bit of handy and fun co-operation. Take it in turns to mix and sieve, and at some point someone is likely to get some flour thrown at them – it's inevitable. But don't panic, simply throw some back. Cupcakes and cookies are the romantic classics, or you could try this Mini Heart-Shaped Cake recipe on Enjoy the sweet treats of your labour at the end with a nice bottle of wine or champagne.

Date Ideas for Valentine's Staying In - Heart Cake


Give a massage

Why not recreate the indulgent atmosphere of a beauty spa in your own home at a fraction of the price. Light some candles and maybe even throw a few rose petals on the bed for good measure – much cheaper and much more fun than leaving the house. There are plenty of massage oils available on the market, or you could apply some of our Mistletoe Kisses Body Lotion that's enveloped in the romantic fragrance of jasmine, gardenia and tuberose, and comes in gorgeous gift wrapping. No doubt great for a bad back!

Date Ideas for Valentine's Staying In - Body Lotion



Now this could involve a telescope, a book on the stars, and a well positioned window/skylight in the house. Or this could simply involve some sleeping bags, a woolly hat and trip into the garden to lay under the night sky to see what you can spot. Either way there's something about the great sky above that's guaranteed to make this a truly romantic experience that doesn't need to cost a penny. Here's a Star Constellation Guide to help you on your astrological journey.

Date Ideas for Valentine's Staying In - Stargazing

Whatever you do on your special night, have a wonderfully romantic evening!