The 23rd April is St George's Day and to help you celebrate in true patriotic style, we've put together a selection of the best recipes for some of the most celebrated and classic English dishes.

Best English Recipes for St George's Day - Bathing Melt Flowers

1. Best...Toad in the Hole

It's a classic that pleases everyone in the family, but which recipe? Well once again, Delia appears to have come up trumps with a recipe that's been re-published and tweaked in countless food blogs around the world for its consistency and deliciousness. So here's the original and hopefully the best. TIP: Don't forget to include the essential onion gravy that makes all the difference.

Best English Recipes for St Georges Day - DeliaOnline 'Toad in the Hole with Roasted-onion Gravy' - Delia Smith,

2. Best...Steak and Ale Pie

For the best steak and ale pie, we've looked to Tristan Hogg, Owner and Head Chef at Pieminister – the award winning pie company founded in Bristol back in 2003, and connoisseur of all things with a crust. This recipe is for the company's delicious 'Mo' pie, that uses lemon juice to lift the beef sauce and British beef skirt that breaks down perfectly for a pie filling. Enjoy!

Best English Recipes for St Georges Day - Telegraph 'Steak and ale, 'Moo 2' pie by Pieminster' - Tristan Hogg,

3. Best...Beef Wellington

According to The Guardian's Felicity Cloake, in her always helpful 'How to cook perfect...' series, the origins of Beef Wellington are pretty much why shouldn't the English lay claim to it? We've gone with no other than Michel Roux Jr.'s recipe for this classic, whose secret is using pancakes to keep the moisture in the meat and out of the pastry. Truly mouth-watering.

Best English Recipes for St Georges Day - BBC 'Beef Wellington' - Michel Roux Jr.,

4. Best...Northcote

Where better to go knocking for the best Lancashire Hot Pot recipe than the North West county itself, and to the Great British Menu 2009 winner, Nigel Haworth. His recipe makes the most of this English classic by using different cuts of lamb and the classic King Edward potato (introduced to the UK in 1902, the year of King Edward VII's coronation).

Best English Recipes for St Georges Day - VisitLancashire 'Nigel Haworth's Lancashire Hotpot' -

5. Best...Bakewell Tart

Now you'd think for the best Bakewell tart recipe, you'd be best off going to Bakewell, Derbyshire. But truth be told, such as the secrecy surrounding the art of a perfect Bakewell tart (or Bakewell pudding as some prefer) that the Bakewell tart shop in town doesn't appear to be giving it up. So we've turned to Yorkshire blogger Christopher Blackburn for one of the more authentic recipes for this exceptional pudding....or tart...

Best English Recipes for St Georges Day - YorkshirePudd 'Bakewell Tart' - Christopher Blackburn,

6. Best...Sticky Toffee Pudding

The county of Cumbria lays claim to everyone's favourite sticky pudding, and we're not going to argue. So where better to 'sauce' the ultimate sticky toffee pudding recipe, than from the chefs at Zest Restaurant in Whitehaven that specialises in local Cumbrian produce, and by the looks of it, puddings as well. This recipe was requested by local frequenters who no doubt know a thing or two about STP...

Best English Recipes for St Georges Day - Zest 'Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce and Ice Cream' -

7. Best...Fish and Chips

Some things are best left to the experts – go to the chippy!

Have a happy St George's Day!

Article updated: 21/04/15

First published: 22/04/13