Heathcote & Ivory are proud to offer a sneaky peek at our new men's toiletry range. MEN is definitely one for the boys, and comes in two dashing fragrances: Lime & Basil and Citrus & Clove.

With its own authentic red, white and blue style, our new range is for the adventurous, fun loving man that wants toiletries that perform as well as they smell. These two fragrances have been developed specially to uplift, revitalise and refresh.

Our Citrus & Clove fragrance, designed especially for the face, is infused with an aromatic blend of cinnamon, clove and cardamom, and freshened with bergamot and mandarin. The Citrus & Clove fragrance is a great way of waking both you and your skin up, whilst cleansing at the same time.

Lime & Basil, designed for the body, is packed with fresh citrus, bergamot, lime, orange and aromatic fennel, and sweet basil oil. It's this insightful combination that gives this fragrance its energising blast that's guaranteed to invigorate and freshen.

Products you can look forward to in our MEN range: Toiletries Bag, Weekender Travel Set, Kick Start Kit (featuring a shower radio!), containing Face Wash, Body Wash, Shampoo, Shave Gel, Aftershave Balm and more. And extra specially, coming soon to a shower near you: MEN Soap on a Rope - perfect as a great retro gift.

A Sneak Peak at Our New Men's Toiletry Range - Soap on a Rope