Daily activities can lead to our hands being exposed to moisture removing chemicals, damaging weather and general wear and tear. Most people don't think too heavily about looking after their hands until signs of damage can already be seen.

If you take care of your hands on a regular basis the signs of damage can be reduced, and it's not that hard to do! Below are some of our top hand care tips for keeping your hands in tip top condition whatever life throws at you.

Tip 1: Moisturise

It sounds simple but many of us that are concerned about the appearance of our hands still do not moisturise after daily activities like washing our hands, which instantly causes dryness. Moisturisers hydrate the skin and help it to retain moisture by repairing the skin’s natural barrier. A good moisturiser will help your hands become soft, smooth and supple.

Carrying a smaller, travel hand cream around in your hand bag is a great way of maintaining soft hands.

Tip 2: Why wait?

Start taking care of your hands now. Why wait until they're already showing signs of wear, tear and age? Also, if you're older and you've not bothered paying much attention to your hands up until now, it's never too late to start.

Tip 3: High quality soap

What you put on your hands makes a big difference to what they end up looking like. Don't be tempted into buying the cheapest large bottle of hand wash available; make sure you check the ingredients so you know what your hands are coming into contact with.

Things to look out for on the packaging: Shea Butter (great for moisturising, conditioning and is non-greasy), Glycerin (great for sensitive skin), Vitamin E (antioxidant), Essential Oils, No Artificial Colourings, Paraben Free, and Sulphate Free.

Tip 4: Sunscreen

Many people apply sunscreen to the rest of their body but totally forget about their hands. Hands are less likely to burn but that doesn't mean damage can't be done. The sun causes most of the damage to our skin that creates wrinkles and lines. Use a high factor sunscreen on the backs of your hands to help reduce that impact.

Tip 5: Cuticles

Cuticles stop nasties like bacteria from entering at the bottom of the nail, and therefore should be looked after. Keep them in line by pushing them back; do not cut or pick with your nails as this will lead to tears.

Tip 6: Gloves

We're all guilty of it: doing the cleaning without putting on our gloves. But the harsh chemicals many of us use for doing household chores are corrosive (which is why they're so good a removing grease!), but we don't want them to remove all that natural moisture from our hands, or to damage our nails. Even when just doing just the dishes – put your gloves on!

And also don't forgot to wear protective gloves when gardening, doing heavier housework like lifting and moving or when going out in the cold weather – all of which can leave their mark on your hands.

Tip 7: Exfoliate

When you exfoliate you are removing all those dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface of your skin, and it's those dead skin cells that give skin a dull and lifeless appearance. By using an exfoliating scrub occasionally on your hands, you can reveal glowing new skin to give them a new lease of life.

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