It'll soon be time to dust-off those old boxes marked 'Xmas Decorations' in the loft, untangle the lights and rummage through the broken baubles. But there are other ways to decorate your home in style this year. Here are 10 Christmas Decoration Ideas, some of which may even save you a few pennies along the way...

Gift decorations

Our Christmas decoration selection doubles-up as gifts and gorgeous smellies for the whole family to enjoy. If you're going to put some additional accessories on your tree this year, why not try some of our delectable soaps, bath melts and hand creams, that all come with a hanging loop ready to pop on the tree and give to your loved ones.

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Bring the outside in

Gather up the family and go out and forage for some of mother nature's own natural decorations. Look for attractive fallen branches and flora that you think might add some festive charm. Once in the warm, you can then experiment with spray paint and spray snow to see what effects you can create. Try tying ribbons around branches and putting in vases, or even putting them in small plant pots to make mini Christmas tress.


Ribbons, Christmas cards and wrapping paper can all be used to make perfect tree ornaments. Simply tie ribbons around branches on your tree, and cut festive images out of cards and affix with thread. You could even try putting wrapping paper in a picture frame (I know it sounds crazy, but it actually looks pretty good, see below, as found at Readers Or you could make the classic paper loops out of last year's wrapping to create a festive paper chain.

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There's nothing like a little candle light to get people feeling warm and cosy. Use old wine bottles (even old ale bottles) and decorate with ribbon or old Christmas cards. Use them as candle holders to create a festive change and glow to your living space.

wine bottle candle

Sugared fruit

This idea from the Martha Stewart website will naturally biodegrade, leaving you without the storage for the year. Simply brush lightly beaten egg whites onto pieces of fruit of your choosing – fruit that's nice and fresh and firm and at room temperature is best – and then spoon with sugar crystals or sanding sugar to coat. Let fruit dry on a baking paper sheet for at least 3 hours before arranging in a fruit bowl.

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Christmas cards display

Why try and stand all your cards on the telly when you know they'll only fall over at the first slam of a door? Use a festive hanging banner, such as ribbon or beads, and decorate with all your Christmas cards which (although always appreciated) can take up a lot of space. It's a great way of making the most of your cards and freeing up your living room.

Paper garden lanterns

Paper lanterns for the garden are a delightful way to welcome guests to your home. Line along the front garden or driveway to show the way to the front door. They look even better in the snow, as the light bounces off the ice. These can be purchased online, or you could try making your own using brown paper bags and LED tealights rather than candles.

Paper lanterns

Pine cones

The classic natural Christmas decoration and readily available from your local park. Versatile, you can spray them silver or gold, or leave them au naturel. You can wrap ribbon round them and hang around the home or on the tree, or add them to vases and Christmas wreaths.

10 Christmas Decoration Ideas - Pine cones

Floating candles

Now this is a very nice touch, and also very easy to make. Try floating a tealight in a bowl of water or a vase. You can even add food colouring to the water if you want to get really creative. The water will reflect the light creating a charming, Christmassy effect. To make your tealights waterproof, simply seal the underside with wax so it can't take on water. Here are some simple directions found at

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Christmas photos

This is something that not everyone thinks of, but why not try generating some nostalgia of Christmas past? Old Christmas photos of family Christmases make a great centrepiece and talking (possibly laughing) point. Try compiling the best of your old Christmas snaps and arranging them as a wreath or even pick your favourites and hang on the tree!

Article originally published: 23/12/12 Updated: 11/11/15