Morris & Co. Golden Lily is iconic. How its intricate pattern laces together foliage and flowers is simply beautiful wouldn’t you say? So, just to throw a little spotlight on a work of genius, here is a short blog telling the story behind this stunning pattern.

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Golden Lily was designed in 1899 by Morris & Co.’s John Henry Dearle. It is interesting to know that Dearle was William Morris’ assistant and later to become Morris & Co. art director. He designed 33 patterns for Morris & Co.

In Golden Lily, the extraordinary legacy of William Morris lives on with its entwining lily stems and tendrils, given structure by the strong, diagonal arrangement.  William Morris’ designs always featured naturalistic imagery including flowers and leaves, thanks to the visionary designer’s enduring love of nature.

The popularity of Golden Lily has form. In the 1970s, when William Morris prints were also hugely popular, one of the nation’s favourite designs was, yes, Golden Lily. Sofas, armchairs and curtains across the country were lovingly upholstered in the fabulous print. Many of us have memories of it from this decade. Word has it that when at its peak at that time, this very pattern was selling 5,000 metres a month.

Today Morris & Co. designs are more popular than ever. Collaborations with fashion brands from H&M (you’ll see a fair few Morris & Co. outfits in the Heathcote & Ivory offices!) to luxury brand, Loewe. The extraordinary world of Morris & Co. lives on.

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