When the temperature drops, it's not just our clothing choices we need to rethink - our skincare routines need to be adjusted too! Cracked lips, rough, dry hands and more can be avoided this winter, with these quick and simple tips from Heathcote & Ivory.

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Sick of dry, chapped skin when the weather turns cool?

Skin becomes easily dehydrated during the winter, a time when strings of social events make looking your best a concern. Wrapping up warm isn’t enough - changing your routine is essential to give your skin some TLC.

We’ve rounded up our favourite beauty secrets for beautiful, glowing skin no matter the season.

Stay Hydrated

One of the biggest threats to skin in the winter are the repercussions of dehydration, which can leave skin exceptionally dull and dry, with wrinkles more pronounced. While remembering your water bottle is second nature during the warmer months, in the winter, we tend to turn to mugs of tea and hot chocolate - or even the dehydration-causing disaster: lots of coffee. Sticking to eight glasses of water can become a huge challenge. To reduce redness and help heal cracked lips, swap one of those afternoon brews for an extra half-litre of the good stuff to give skin an all important hydration-boost, and help the rest of your body too.

There are other ways to introduce some further water into your winter routine. Start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon, which has proven health benefits. Freshen up the daily commute with water infused with mint leaves for a cool taste. Pop some water-based fruit in your bag for lunch, like juicy watermelon or sweet oranges. Finally, keep the body going strong with some nutrient-filled vitamins.

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Get Moisturising

Dry, dehydrated skin can become beautifully nourished once again with a good moisturising routine. Choosing a moisturiser can be difficult: remember to look for one that caters specifically to your skin type (dry, oily, combination, sensitive) and go for natural products that don’t contain harmful parabens or sulfates. Apply moisturiser as a protective layer in the morning and before bed to nourish skin, helping it to heal from the climate onslaught.

It’s not just the face that needs more attention during the winter - your body could use extra TLC. Focus on drier skin areas like knees and elbows, hands and feet, and make sure to moisturise after the bath regularly. Our Sweet Pea & Honeysuckle Softening Body Cream contains shea butter to condition dry skin and pro-vitamin B5 (helps to retain water) for locking in moisture. Leave the easy squeeze bottle by the bath to nourish skin every day.

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Keep Exfoliating

Exfoliating and moisturising go hand in hand - if dead skin has become too built up, moisture won’t be able to penetrate and help skin to recover. This makes tackling dead skin cells a wintery priority. Keep skin nourished and hydrated with a good exfoliator that’s still gentle on the undernourished epidermis.

Looking for a fresh and fragranced exfoliator that will soften and smooth skin? The Morris & Co. Golden Lily Body Exfoliator will gently sweep away dry skin cells, revealing beautiful new skin. Aloe extract soothes any redness and sweet almond oil acts as an excellent nourishing agent. Most importantly, this Morris & Co. exfoliator is paraben and sulfate free, like all of our products. Enjoy the luscious notes of tangerine, bergamot and cedarwood as a luxury sugar scrub.

This Golden Lily exfoliator also comes with a removable box base that can act as a decorative coaster, making it the perfect wintertime gift.

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Go for Cold

Everyone enjoys a steaming hot shower, particularly when the weather outside is especially frosty. What you might not know is that these hot showers, as well as baths that run a little too warm, wreak havoc on your skin. In the colder months, turning on the red tap can leave skin much drier than before, as the heat steals water from the skin and increases dehydration.

Keep oils in the skin where they belong by taking lukewarm showers that don’t run too long. Don’t forget to moisturise once you’ve dried off to really lock in moisture. Fight off the festive cold with a luxury treat: our Atlas Silks Exquisite Bath & Body Spa Set includes mitt-softening hand cream, indulgent bath salts and softening body butter for the ultimate home spa experience. With a mix of sumptuous and spicy scents, this exotic kit will keep skin silky smooth.

If you’ve had a long and tiring day, however, one hot bath shouldn’t make much of a difference. Light some candles, nab a book and pour in those bath salts for a soothing, relaxing evening.

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Look After Hands

Last but most definitely not least, watch out for dry hands. Your mitts are the first place to show signs of ageing, so you’ll want them to be well cared for. Make sure to use only paraben and sulfate free products, which can be less drying to hands, and try to go alcohol-free. Choose a nourishing cleanser, like the one included in our Gardeners Hedgerow Hand Care Set, and remember that regular moisturising is key. Then snuggle into some stylish gloves to protect your hands from the harsher elements.

The best way to maintain lusciously soft hands this winter is by using hand cream. Our current favourite is the Vintage & Co. Braids & Blooms Mini Hand Creams Set, including three handbag-sized creams made with enriching vitamin E and hydrating shea butter. These chic miniatures are the perfect size to carry with you wherever you might go. With darling floral designs, and beautiful lightweight fragrances to match, this is winter indulgence at its best.

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With the New Year comes more difficult weather that will inevitably harm your skin. Stay on top of your winter skincare regime in style with the Morris & Co Pure Morris The Collection, presented in a fashionable embossed tin, which includes nourishing hand cream, youthful shower cream and luxury body lotion. The perfect post-Christmas pick-me-up to treat you or a friend.

Remember, the best way to keep skin soft and smooth is to combat dehydration (we recommend a compact hand cream in your bag too!) , so keep that bottled water nearby and usher in a new year of nourished and beautiful looking skin!