Feeling like time has run away from you this gift-giving season? Don’t worry - Heathcote and Ivory are here to inspire you this Christmas with this quick and simple gift guide.

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With Christmas less than a month away, gift-buying has now begun in earnest for the majority of us.

Nowadays, with more and more products available on the market each year at increasingly competitive prices, it can be hard to come up with great gift ideas for your friends and family.

It’s also far more common in the world of Today for people to self-indulge and buy themselves nice things throughout the year, which makes it even more difficult to come up with Christmas present ideas.

As such, we’ve put together a Christmas gift guide packed full of fantastic ideas for all your friends and families.

Gifts for Mum

It only seems right to start off with Mothers around the world - they are after all, the apple of our eyes.

For some, their mother can be the easiest person to buy a gift for, whether it’s a favourite flower arrangement, birthstone or fragrance such as our Vogue featured Lily of the Valley Eau de Toilette - sweet, captivating and fresh.

lily of the valley vogue featured

For others, it can be a complex exercise; when buying a present for your mother, it’s often best to go with something relatively simple from the heart, that speaks to the heart, rather than something overly lavish that has no personal connection.

Remember, a present doesn’t have to be a material object either, it can be an event or experience that provides memories which can be cherished forever.

Mothers spend so much time indulging us when we’re young, we feel it’s only right to give them a gift that pays them back with a suitable amount of indulgence in return, and we think a spa day is one of the best presents to do this. It’s a relaxing, feel-good experience and something you can share together to strengthen your bond.

Spa treatments and weekend breaks are a great way to provide valuable stress relief and relaxation after a hectic Christmas period. If you’re feeling inclined, take a look at the Conde Nast favourite, Grayshott Health Spa in Surrey.


Gifts for Dad

Dads can be notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. We often tend to go for something ironic or funny, only to buy something that never really gets used and is moved from room to room throughout the year.

Heath men's moisturiser Silver award winner of the beauty awards 2017Owing to their often mysterious and private natures, dads can often be overlooked when it comes to Christmas shopping, with many dads claiming that they ‘don’t really want anything anyway’ - which can be utterly frustrating!

Essentially, it’s best just to go with something that you know your dad likes, this way you can save yourself the hassle and uncertainty of trying to choose something that he might like.

Over the winter season, what could be better or more traditional than a warming bottle of whisky? The ultimate gift for a man who appreciates the finer things in life, whisky can be drunk on its own either neat or on the rocks, or it can be used to make a fantastic selection of cocktails, such as the delicious Old Fashioned.

Of course, it’s always nice to try something new, so why not give your Dad something a bit different this year and get him the Heath Moisturiser. And before you say he won’t want a beauty product, let him know that is was the Silver winner in the 2017 Beauty Awards, and it will keep him looking his regular handsome self for years to come, thanks to its new generation ingredients.


Gifts for Sister

Sisters are always great to buy presents for; they’re often the relative we’re closest with and know the best in the family. There’s also the added benefit that, if they’re close to us in size, taste and age, any clothing or beauty products we buy for them could possibly be shared/borrowed at some stage.sakura silks collection in a patterned purple box

If clothing doesn’t seem like the best idea, then something more practical might be appropriate. Memories and experiences are just as important as material possessions, and being able to collect them is equally as important.

That’s why we think a great Christmas gift idea for your sister is a Polaroid camera, so she can capture all the most important moments in her life and present them in an interesting and distinctly retro way.Of course we can’t all afford cameras and the like for our siblings, no matter how much we may want to, so instead show her that you care with the indulgent and beautiful Sakura Silks Divine Collection.

Full of nourishing ingredients, vitamins and beautifully scented, your sister will love this collection, and you’ll be sibling of the moment for sure.


Gifts for Brother

Brothers often have specific interests, whether it’s music, sports, fitness, food or fashion, and this is something you should keep in mind when deciding what to buy them for Christmas.

heath mens cream shave shortlisted for beauty awards 2017Depending on their age, the gift you get for your brother will vary greatly; if they’re slightly older than you, you can go down the alcohol route, but chances are they probably have all the booze they need. For the time being at least.

Instead, something to get them through the winter months would probably be more suitable. Winter is particularly harsh on dry skin, and few of us can get through it without a great moisturiser.

We recommend our award-nominated Heath Cream Shave, containing Tasmanian Pepper and Tea Tree to calm and nourish the skin after shaving.

Especially ideal for your brother, why not bundle it up with the Heath Moisturiser to keep both your Dad and your Brother soft skinned and stylish this Christmas.


Gifts for Your Colleague

cath kidston mandarin blossom manicure kit

If you have any colleagues that you’re particularly close to, or have a Secret Santa to prep for, 


then giving them a Christmas gift is a sweet way to show that you appreciate them.

It doesn’t have to be anything too big or 

special, but something small and cute like this Cath Kidston Mandarin Blossom Manicure Kit is a perfect way to show some love.

Compact, cute and convenient, this would make a great ‘thanks for being you’ gift at the office christmas party.


Gifts for Your Aunt

harlequin quinessential set


The Harlequin Quintessence Manicure Set is a simple yet sweet gift idea for an aunt. The set features a nourishing hand soak, followed by a beautifully enriched cuticle cream, with a hydrating hand cream to help keep your hands soft and scented with fruity notes of ripe cassis, apricot and fresh bergamot.

These are the perfect ingredients for soft and fragrant hands during the harsh chill of winter, and are sure to make a fantastic gift for your every-stylish aunt.


Gifts for Grandma

Gardeners Hand Care Hamper

‘Grandma knows best’ or so the old saying goes, and we’re happy to go with that. For many retired people, their gardens are their pride and passion, so the Heathcote & Ivory Gardeners Hamper is a smart and natural gift choice for grandmothers.


Beautifully presented, this hamper contains a pair of durable gardening gloves, a nourishing hand cream with sunflower seed oil, elderberry, rhubarb and blackberry extract, a rhubarb hand salve with aloe, chamomile, rhubarb extracts, vitamins and honey, with a luxurious muscle soak infused with some invigorating eucalyptus bath salts to round the hamper off.



Some of the best Christmas gifts are complete surprises, but at other times it’s nice to give your loved ones things that you know they really want and will use.

These are just some of the vast range of fantastic Christmas gifts out there, but they are sure to leave your recipients feeling grateful, happy and full of seasonal cheer.

Christmas is a time to share with others and to celebrate what you’ve got. Let your family and friends know how much you love and appreciate them with this fantastic selection of gifts, and keep the glad tidings rolling on into the new year.


Merry Christmas!