The classic British pastime of gardening has inspired Heathcote & Ivory’s Gardeners Collection: designed for those green-fingered enthusiasts with a penchant for muddy knees and a perpetual love of fresh air.

red trowel in lettuce leaves and earthSource: congerdesign

If you love being at one with nature, with your head in the sun and your hands in the dirt, this collection is perfect for you. Shop the range online today and discover a selection of delightfully packaged individual items and pre-prepared sets—all created with the modern gardener in mind.

The Features of the Range

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From the Soak ‘n’ Hydrate Bag, to the Hedgerow Hand Care Set, everything in this collection is infused with the heady notes of juicy red tomatoes and redcurrants, interweaved with the green freshness of basil and mint, on a base of cedarwood and earthy musk. These enticing aromas complement one another to induce a gardening-lover’s match made in heaven.   

More good news, everything in the collection is free from parabens and sulfates, which ensures unparalleled skincare without any nasty chemicals or preservatives. From improving your chances of conceiving to reducing your risk of cancer, the benefits of paraben and sulfate-free skincare are plenty.  

Here at Heathcote & Ivory, we don’t believe in adding anything unnecessary to our products. Instead, we focus on natural ingredients which are—naturally—better for your skin. Our Gardeners Range is no exception; all the products are bursting with essential oils, vitamins and pure ingredients, such as shea butter, elderflower and eucalyptus.  

With the Gardeners Collection, we focused on nourishing hard-working hands.

To achieve our aim, we used a blend of nutritious ingredients specifically designed to tend nail beds after a therapeutic day spent digging, de-weeding and reading the newspaper at the allotment.    

Introducing… The Gardeners Range

First up we have the Gardeners Soak ‘n’ Hydrate Bag: the ideal gardening ‘pick-me-up’. This little brown bag of happiness, with rhubarb and honey scented hand cream and bath soak, is not only ideal for repairing damaged hands but also for unwinding after a busy day in the garden.

Both products contain elderflower and elderberry extract for a natural dose of floral pizzazz. Formulated with eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender essential oils, these products are designed to instantly replenish, relax and revive the senses.   

H&I Gardeners soak'n'hydrate bag

Source: Heathcote & Ivory

The Hedgerow SOS tin with Hand Cream, SOS balm and Muscle Sachet set has everything you need to give you back your bloom post-gardening. We’re excited to announce the SOS tin includes our new rhubarb, elderflower, shea butter and blackberry enriched hand cream. (We incidentally love picking blackberries and turning them into wonderful recipes.)

Shea butter is a natural ingredient that works wonders for your skin, and the beeswax in the SOS balm, as a natural humectant, helps achieve healthy and radiant skin. What’s more, the SOS muscle soak contains uplifting eucalyptus and sage, which invigorates the senses after a tiring day spent outdoors.

Even better, this bumper box of goodies is reasonably priced, at just £10.00. It makes the ideal gift item, but why not treat yourself?

Gardeners hedgerow tin set

Source: Heathcote & Ivory

Our Gardeners Collection wouldn’t be complete without our Gardening Gloves set with Barrier Cream to keep your hands supple and soft, despite the strain that gardening inevitably exposes them to. Benefit from an invisible layer of protection with this rich barrier cream, blended with essential oils of lemon, sweet orange and peppermint.

We combined fragrance notes of ripe tomatoes, juicy redcurrants, fresh basil and mint, on a woody earthy base, to provide a delightful formula that simultaneously cares for and scents your skin. To top it off, we paired our hand cream with a set of cotton gloves to provide unrivalled protection, so you can enjoy digging and planting in style.  

Gardeners Gardening gloves setSource: Heathcote & Ivory

Another highlight of the collection is the Gardeners Tea-Break Hand Essentials, with Hand Cream, Hand Wash and Nail Brush, all housed in an endearing mug—because everyone knows that a hard-working gardener deserves a much-needed cup of tea! This thoughtfully designed mug makes a great addition to your home, while the perennially useful nail brush helps you get those nails sparkling again.

The set includes two hand creams. One comprises a cleansing solution, which combines gentle exfoliators and skin conditioners infused with essential oils. The other, enriched with skincare champion, shea butter, vitamin E and panthenol, nourishes your hands and strengthens your nails after a satisfying day of gardening.     
Gardening set mugSource: Heathcote & Ivory

If you, like us, are a gardening aficionado, this collection is perfect for you. Keep your tools (aka your hands) strong, enriched and replenished with natural, chemical-free products. Browse the Heathcote & Ivory range online today and keep your green-fingers soft, supple and ready to tackle the next flowerbed!