Spring is now here and summer’s not far behind, so it's time to start getting out your trowel, opening up a fresh sack of soil and getting those plants in the ground.

If you’re more of a hands on gardener and you like getting your hands dirty, you may not realise what happens to your skin as a result. You may think a quick hand wash is enough to get rid of all the dirt particles, but really, buried deep in those fine lines and cracks is an array of dirt and embedded soil.

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Here at Heathcote & Ivory, we realise the importance of protecting our skin when gardening and realise we all need something to replenish and return them to their original healthy state. With a consistent hand care routine, you can keep your hands in tip-top condition before, during and after gardening.

Below are our own Heathcote & Ivory products, which can be found in our beautiful Gardener’s Range. Discover the nourishing ingredients used in our hand creams, how they work and what they can do to keep your hands soft and smooth. All of our Gardener’s products are packaged in beautifully decorated tins, bags and labels, with each design layered with helpful gardening tips.

Gardeners Hedgerow Hand Care Set 2 X 300ml

Image: Heathcote and Ivory

This duo of hand wash and hand lotion is the perfect way to treat your hands after a hard days work in the garden. With notes of red tomatoes, red currants and a lovely touch of basil for a sweet, earthy aroma, your hands will be renewed once again. The hand wash exfoliates whilst the hand lotion softens, each one blended with cocoa butter, almond oil and evening primrose oil to moisturise and soften your skin. Exactly what you need after roughing up your hands outdoors!

Gardener's Hedgerow SOS Tin with Hand Cream, SOS Balm & Muscle Sachet

Image: Heathcote and Ivory

This delightful tin set includes everything you need for an SOS call to action against your neglected hands, cracked, splintered and dry after days of digging, overturning and seeding. The rhubarb, elderflower, shea butter and blackberry enriched hand cream is a delight for your hands and for your senses. The SOS Balm is also interesting with added beeswax that helps achieve healthy and radiant skin. An added bonus comes in the form of a muscle soak that is not only focused on your hands, but relaxes your entire body after a weed filled day in the garden.

Gardeners Soak 'n' Hydrate Bag

Image: Heathcote and Ivory

This handy little bag is filled with two brilliant concoctions; a Rhubarb and Honey scented Hedgerow hand cream with Elderberry and Elderflower extract, which hydrates your hands leaving them with a delicate soothing layer of moisture. And a Bath Relief Soak is also included as the perfect solution to a hard days work outside.

Gardeners Hand Cream with Shea Butter 100ml

Image: Heathcote and Ivory

This delightful hand cream is enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, to specifically nourish your skin by thanks to the oils from lemon, sweet orange, peppermint and spearmint. Be rid of dry and stretched skin with this unique hand cream and restore them to their former soft selves.

Gardeners Tea-Break Hand Essentials with Hand Cream & Hand Wash, Nail Brush & Ceramic Mug

Image: Heathcote and Ivory

This gorgeous mug set includes a cleansing solution combining gentle exfoliators and skin conditioners with essential oils. The other is enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Panthenol, which nourishes your hands and strengthens your nails. Take the mug inside when work is done, and make yourself a nice hot drink to relax with as you fix those dirt filled nails of yours with the included nail brush.

Gardeners Miniatures

Image: Heathcote and Ivory

This dainty set of Gardener’s Miniatures is scented with two fragrances at the forefront; two creams showcase the delicious scents of tomatoes, mint and lemon, with the third one hailing from the wild hedgerow range, with rhubarb, elderflower and blackberry extracts that not only smell fantastic, but hydrate and nourish your hands too. The Barrier cream is formulated with calendula extract to prepare your hands for the garden jobs ahead, and the relaxing bath fizzer, infused with the essential oils of rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus is a perfect item for an end of the day soak after all your hard work.

Gardeners Gardening Gloves Set with Barrier Cream 75ml & Cotton Gloves

Image: Heathcote and Ivory

The Soothing Barrier Cream in this delightful set has been blended with the refreshing essential oils of Lemon, Sweet Orange and Peppermint and are lightly scented with juicy blends of Red Tomatoes, Red Currants, Fresh Basil and Mint. A wonderful blend to protect your hands before you venture outdoors! Add a further layer of protection with the beautifully decorated cotton gloves, printed with your favourite allotment and garden classics .

Gardeners Hand Cream Trio with Shea Butter

Image: Heathcote and Ivory

This trio of hand creams offers you a delightful selection to choose from. Each one is enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to nourish your skin, and Panthenol to help strengthen your nails. All three creams have been blended with the essential oils of Lemon, Sweet Orange, Peppermint and Spearmint,  to leave your hands feeling soft and nourished. A delicate blend of Red Tomatoes and Red Currants combines with the freshness of Basil, Mint, Cedarwood and an earthy musk that positively transforms the state of your hands.

The soothing and refreshing scents of essential oils and natural ingredients is what Heathcote & Ivory puts into each of our products, allowing you to take home the natural healing and rejuvenating effects Lemon, Sweet Orange, Mint and more. Discover the Gardener’s Range at Heathcote & Ivory to ensure your hands get the pleasure and pampering they deserve after a hard day’s work in the garden.