If you’ve spent any time on Heathcote & Ivory, you may have read something about the benefits of lavender. Just what is lavender oil good for?

For whatever reason, the smell of lavender is something that tends to stay with people their entire lives. It’s a scent that can conjure up images of the evergreen shrub growing in countryside fields or peeking out from behind fences in city centers. Whatever environment you were brought up in, somehow lavender made its way into your subconscious.

However warmly you remember its odour, ‘lavandula angustifolia’ boasts some powerful health benefits. Grown naturally in north Africa and the Mediterranean, the shrub has been exported around the world for its pungent, beautiful bunches of silvery/purple flowers.

Used as a general cure by the Romans and as a deodorant and disinfectant in Renaissance Europe, pure lavender oil is a herby concoction of remedial goodness.

Let’s look at some of its benefits in more detail. Lavender is one of many powerful essential oils to boost your health.

Improves skin conditions

With so many harsh, industrial medicines out there, eczema and acne sufferers might be relieved to hear there’s a remedy that’s (a) natural, and (b) pleasant to smell.

Acne is typically caused by bacteria growing in pores. When sebaceous glands next to hair follicles produce too much oil, dead skin cells mix with this to create blockages. Too much facial oil makes normal bacteria aggressive, damaging tissues and creating inflammation.

Lavender works as an anti-microbial, reducing these issues by keeping bacteria under control. What’s more, lavender can reduce sebum production and prevent scarring. Unlike artificial treatments, this oil also improves circulation and reduces inflammation, meaning it soothes as it wipes out harmful bacteria and fungal.

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Heals cuts and burns

Earlier we mentioned lavender’s ability to prevent acne from scarring. This is an extension of its antibacterial properties.

Because it’s such a gentle, natural product, the oil can be applied directly to wounds and burns. By promoting the growth of new skin cells it accelerates healing.

With over 150 active chemicals, lavender oil is able to penetrate the skin to work directly with affected cells.

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Reduces stress/anxiety

Feeling worried? One of the truly remarkable benefits of lavender essential oil is its ability to affect our mood—powerfully.

When entered into the bloodstream, lavender’s aromatic compounds make their way to the limbic system. This is the part of the brain responsible for regulating emotions.

When inhaled, lavender oil’s effects are wide-reaching, spreading from the brain throughout the body. This compound is able to reduce blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate. All of these can be seen as physical responses to stress and most people report feelings of zen-like calmness after supplementing lavender.

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Hair repair

One of the most exciting benefits of this pungent plant relates to hair. Alopecia patients around the world are familiar with the restorative effects of lavender oil (dermatologists have shown 44% grow hair after rubbing oil into scalp).

Even for those without this disease, lavender could be a boon to your haircare routine. By applying a small amount daily you can repair, protect and replenish—all while enjoying the mental and physical benefits listed above!

One of the ways lavender works is by increasing the amount of hair follicles, improving your head’s ability to grow luscious locks. Because of this plant’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also able to heal scalp conditions.

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Far from a miracle, lavender has proven benefits and an excellent track record of helping people’s ailments. From a pleasant smelling plant from our childhoods to an antimicrobial wonder drug, the complex compounds contained within this shrub can be found in both folk remedies and cutting edge beauty treatments. Why not enrich your routine with nature’s healing properties?